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Pentel Presto Pen
Pentel Presto Pen
40 Reviews 4.9 of 5 Stars! Average Rating
Pentel Presto Pen

by M -Read all my Reviews 06/10/2012
These are fun to have & can be concealed fairly easily: Very opaque white formula. These have a soft, squeezable body which is great for controlling flow while writing, but can make refilling them a b*tch, as the top is often screwed on very tightly: I have not yet been able to refill one of these without leaving some warping on the soft blue body, although this hasnt seemed to have an affect on how they write after refilling. Also, if air gets in thru the nib when the ink starts to run somewhat low, it helps to hold it upright with the pin (nib/tip) pressed down & squeeze the body to release any of the air inside.
I personally switched to the pen-shaped white-outs simply because i prefer writing with that traditional body style.
In my case these have become more of a novelty, but all things considered, you can't beat the price if you are a fan of the k-12, & if you are considering trying a k-12 for the first time, consider starting with one of these to see if the applicator meets your needs (but keep in mind they differ in terms of ink/paint formula: For example, the k-12's paint is thicker).

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by LushBRavitZ -Read all my Reviews 04/14/2010
These are one of my favorite little pens to have on me at all times. super lo-key considering its just a whiteout pen. I definitly reccomend it for catchin those little tags. Even drips if thats your fancy

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by DoseR -Read all my Reviews 04/09/2022
I got one while on a Graff mission pilgrimage in the City, it writes on everything. OTR SpeedWhite is perfect to refill, but I own 5 now and run everything from Garvey to OTR Soultip to Dirty Chrome. So versatile!

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by 97 -Read all my Reviews 07/16/2021
an all time great. not very buff resistant obviously, but fares awesome in the weather.

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by Anonymous -Read all my Reviews 07/23/2020
Goes without saying for sure, but this is a classic. ive tried both this and the press n go *filled with the white magic ink**, and i ve got to say the paint formula that comes in this is thicker and more opaque then the white magic ink. as for the markers themselves, theyre practically the same thing. Ive had a very hard time refilling these, as once i pop the top off, i find its nearly impossible to get it back on. with the press n go you dont have that problem because its a screw on top. Overall if you just want a white marker go with this and buy them in bulk, and if you want color just go with the press n go and fill it with what you please. i like this better personally, because im a very black and white kinda guy.But, as GR says, youre your own grandpa, doowhatchalike!

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by GASP23 -Read all my Reviews 08/27/2019
Whiteout pens and whiteout style pens take some practice to get used to, but they have a unique character. They're small, convenient to carry and can handle a variety of surfaces. By the time you make it through one, you should have easily gotten the hang of it.

I still think the presto is the king of this category. It's got the nicest feeling body to me. It's the softest. I still really like the AP press n go, but they're not quite as nice in the hand. Those are a bit stiffer if you're into that.

For refilling, you need to pop the top straight out, it doesn't unscrew. I find a 1" wide, very thin metal object such as a ruler helps to pry it off. You can use pliers and yank it, but you'll damage it. Up to you if you don't mind scratches. Refilling the AP press n go is definitely more convenient.

Try mixing some magic ink or pilot ink into it if you are tired of it being white.

It'll work with a variety of refill paints, but you want to use something on the thicker side unless you want insane dripping. OTR soultip paint is fairly drippy, whereas rusto bucket paint is pretty thick so it writes more cleanly. Refills for metal head markers also work really well.

If you've never tried one, $3.50 is a small price to check out this classic item.

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars! [5 of 5 Stars!]

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