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Easy Streak Splitter Attachments Easy Streak Splitter AttachmentsUse these handy jigs to change the splitting configuration of your Easy Streak Splitter Tool. The Easy Streak Splitter ships standard with a 3-Way Split. Splitter Attachments are available in 2-, 3-, and 4-way splits and are made of durable 3D-printed plastic. AP Exclusive.
Easy Streak Splitter Attachments

3M 2097/P100 Particulate Filter Set 3M 2097/P100 Particulate Filter SetFor use with 3M Half Face Respirators, this 3M Particulate Filter 2097/P100 provides respiratory protection against exposure to Organic Vapors including lead, asbestos, cadmium, arsenic, and MDA. The filter is effective for concentrations up to 10 times the Permissible Exposure Limit (PEL) with half facepieces or 50 times PEL with quantitatively fit tested full facepieces. This filter also helps protect against a wide range of oil and non-oil-based particulate contaminants. One size. Please note: These filters are packed and sealed by 3M and sold by Art Primo. While we strive to maintain a clean working environment, PPE is not packed in a sterile space and should not be considered sterile for medical purposes. Cartridges are non-returnable.
3M 2097/P100 Particulate Filter Set

3M Half Face Respirator 3M Half Face RespiratorThis half-mask respirator offers durability and comfort. Features a silicone body for close-sealing, easy wear.This facepiece is compatible with all 3M™ bayonet-style filters and cartridges, including 6000 Series Cartridges and 3M™ 2000, 2200, 7000 or 5000 Series Filters, to help provide respiratory protection against a variety of gases, vapors, and particulate hazards according to NIOSH approvals.

Please note: Respirator cartridges are NOT included.
3M Half Face Respirator

3M Rugged Comfort QL Respirator 3M Rugged Comfort Quick Latch Reusable Respirator
This half-mask respirator offers durability and comfort as well as a new "Quick Latch" simplified strapping system. This unique latching mechanism allows for the mask to be easily fastened and removed with one hand. 3M 6500 series.Please note: Respirator cartridges are NOT included. Cartridges are available here.
3M Rugged Comfort QL Respirator

Art Primo Mixing Balls  Art Primo Mixing BallsWe got your balls covered! 4mm balls to help mix paint elixirs, concoctions, potions, and therapeutic paint mixtures. Keep em shakin'! friends!

*These will fit inside all AP Mops.
Art Primo Mixing Balls

Cap Bags - Assorted 20 Pack Cap Bags - Assorted 20 Pack
These mini-bags are perfectly sized to hold ten NY Fats, Legos, or other small caps and are printed with various patterns. Resealable zip-top plastic bag. Pack of 20.
Cap Bags - Assorted 20 Pack

Dont Get Busted Montana Counter Mat  Dont Get Busted Montana Counter MatThis Montana Cans counter mat is the perfect graff shop accessory. The message is clear. "DON'T GET BUSTED"! Mat features knowing eyes peering out from behind the wrong side of the jail bars. Montana Cans logo is emblazoned on the bottom corner. The hard-wearing PVC vinyl makes this mat an ideal merchandising tool as well as a collector's item. Mat measures 40x25cm.
Dont Get Busted Montana Counter Mat

Easy Fill Empty 8.5oz Bottle Easy Fill Empty 8.5oz BottleThis refill bottle features a soft, squeezable body compatible with inks and paints of all viscosities. The Easy Fill EM is made of LDPE and features a dropper cap for precision filling plus an attached overcap to minimize mess. 8.5oz/250ml capacity.
Easy Fill Empty 8.5oz Bottle

Easy Streak Splitter Tool Easy Streak Splitter ToolIntroducing the Easy Streak Splitter! This handy tool simplifies making split solid markers and eliminates the need for a messy razor or tricky wires. The Easy Streak Splitter comes standard with a three-way divider; other divider attachments can be found here. This tool is compatible with Art Primo Solid Paint Markers and Sakura Solids. How to use the Easy Streak Splitter:
1. Prepare the Splitter by ensuring the divider attachment is clean and ready. If you want to change out your attachment, do so before making splits. 2. Remove solid markers from their original bodies
3. Insert solid marker body into the shaft of the Easy Streak Splitter
4. Use the wand at the base of the Splitter to push the marker through the divider attachment5. Repeat steps 2-4 as needed. Once you have the necessary split pieces, reassemble them into "whole" markers with your desired color configuration and reload them into the original marker bodies. Voila!
Easy Streak Splitter Tool

Insta-Wall Clear Wrap Insta-Wall Clear Wrap80 gauge, 18" x 1,500'
This is a really great way to make temporary walls for events and demonstration. Comes in Clear and Black.
Insta-Wall Clear Wrap

Insta-Wall Opaque Wrap Insta-Wall Opaque Wrap80 gauge, 18" x 1,500', Black Opaque This is a really great way to make temporary walls for events and demonstration. Comes in Clear and Black.
Insta-Wall Opaque Wrap

Measuring Cup - 8oz Measuring Cup - 8ozA must for the home marker lab, this measuring cup is made of PP plastic and has a capacity of 8oz.
Measuring Cup - 8oz

Molotow DEFENDER Respirator 800.112 Molotow DEFENDER Respirator 800.112The Defender is Molotow's top-of-the-line respirator, featuring the same A1-P1 protection as the Black Mask (800.102) but with a more durable and hardy design. Protects against organic gases and vapors. Size LARGE only. Replacement cartridges can be found at 800.113. Respirators and cartridges not eligible for return or exchange.
Molotow DEFENDER Respirator 800.112

Montana Gold True Tone Color Chart - Swatch Fan Montana Gold True Tone Color Chart - Swatch FanThis is a Montana GOLD true tone color swatch. Although every effort has been made to check, mix and print colors as close to the original as possible, printing and paper limitations may create slight variations from the actual color. It is always recommended to test spray and compare colors in advance. Montana GOLD has a semi matt, to satin finish that may vary from color to color depending on pigment contents. Montana GOLD is an independent color system without any relation to other color systems like RAL or PANTONE.
Montana Gold True Tone Color Chart - Swatch Fan

Montana Nitrile Black Gloves 100-pack Montana Nitrile Black Gloves 100-packThe Montana Nitril Gloves Black are 100% synthetic, latex and powder-free. The textured surface not only allows for extra grip, it is also soft so you can stay comfortable and protected for longer periods. Nitrile gloves are a cost friendly alternative to latex able to keep your hands protected for indoor or outdoor use. 100 pcs per box, they are water-resistant, ambidextrous and non-sterile. LIMIT 1 per customer.
Montana Nitrile Black Gloves 100-pack

Montana Nylon Gloves  Montana Winter GlovesThe Montana Nylon Glove is the perfect reusable protection glove. Made out of anthracite woven nylon with a polyurethane (PU) coating. Features a printed Montana Logo on the Backhand. Due to the special coating the glove has a better grip and is dirt-repellant. Available in four different sizes: Small (black lining), Medium (green lining), Large (blue lining) and Extra Large (red lining), comes as a pair. Note: Listing is for one pair.
Montana Nylon Gloves

Night Quill Cap Trigger Night Quill Cap Trigger
Meet the Night Quill, your new secret weapon against sore wrists and tired fingers. This handy "cap trigger" works with your existing caps and cans to relieve muscle and joint strain when painting large areas or for long periods of time.

Night Quills are color-coded for ease of use and offer a range of three different "touch" intensities, plus one designed specifically for use with classic NY-style caps. This dependable attachment is manufactured to withstand years of use and enjoyment.
Choose your favorite or try all four:
Soft Touch - Infrared offers the most bounce/travel and is ideal for fine details, dusting, and spitting textures.
Medium Touch - Aqua has a medium bounce with a more direct flow and performs well with a wide range of caps from medium to thin.NY Lowrider - Orange has a medium bounce, and is optimized for use with NY Fats, Legos, OG Rustos, and NYF Reissues. This is our favorite Night Quill to pair with Rusto and other domestic brands. 
Hard Touch - Kryptonite has the least bounce and  most direct flow. Hard Touch is especially great when used with hard valve systems.
Night Quill Cap Trigger