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OTR 4001 Bullet Empty Marker
OTR 4001 Bullet Empty Marker
5 Reviews 4.8 of 5 Stars! Average Rating
OTR 4001 Bullet Empty Marker

by Miguel Halcón -Read all my Reviews 01/01/2024
Very comfortable for pocket carry and each fill lasts for a good while. I wish the valve allowed for a little juicier tags and the body slightly more slim. But a good markernall in all.

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by aska -Read all my Reviews 11/04/2022
Not sure if it’s just me or my blends but otr products can be leaky. The cap is tight so it keeps it contained. Writes great!

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by Jose -Read all my Reviews 04/02/2022
It’s a very good empty marker I filled it up with my homemade ink and it works really good nice nib and doesn’t leak

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by BoxBoy -Read all my Reviews 04/06/2020
Really solid marker!

Form factor is super pocket-able and stealth, about 1.5" bigger in length than a Magic Marker and a tad fatter, but not the worst pocket bulk.

Also, its very quiet in the pocket because the pill shape cradles the marble.

Nib holds paint well depending on mix, but may not deliver the results you want after HEAVY use and ware. (a few inconsistent lines so i flipped the nib)

I did a fill with a couple Grog colours (70-80%) and Magic Ink White (aprox. 15-30%) its been a few weeks and the Magic isn't messing with the plastic.

(I forgot about the risks of Xylene (Magic) in the plastic body marker) but its super heavy duty and after several weeks is showing no sign of impact. However, i did a small qty. of Magic so don't try to come breakdown my boxes if putting Magic in the mix eats your marker.

Grab a pack of extra nibs while your at it, great for new color mixes, or crisping up those lines after prolonged usage.

I have three of these bad boys and with their quality build, they will be in the arsenal for ages.

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by GASP23 -Read all my Reviews 08/27/2019
I tried two fills: 100% OTR hard to buff, and 30% OTR hard to buff/70% OTR silver soultip paint.

In general: Feels good in the hand, and isn't too short to hold like a regular marker. It's also nice if you want to put the back end of it into your palm and write that way. Overall, a great shape. The nib is a great balance between soft and durable, and it's a great size for many different situations. It's like a slightly harder bullet tip version of a UNI PX-30 nib. In fact, you might be able to rock a PX-30 nib in this marker.

They made it easy to refill by making the opening wide and incorporating the valve into the portion that screws off, and also made it easy to dump out by having a plastic piece that keeps the marble from falling out. However, you need a roll of tape or something to hold it up while filling it because it has no flat bottom to stand up on its own.

100% OTR hard to buff: This marker writes streak free, totally kicks ass, and can go pretty long before pumping it again.

30/70 mixture: I'm honestly disappointed. I tried this after seeing the green ranger do it, and copied his ratio, but It goes dry after a letter or two. I think I need to keep adding more hard to buff. Maybe I will find the flow I need at 50/50 or more.

I definitely recommend it with a flowy ink like OTR hard to buff or OTR flowpen ink. At $3.50 it's hard to beat.

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