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.069 Stainless
by PHL -Read all my Reviews Wednesday August 13, 2008
Rofl, this kid that I know has one of these, make sure to poke (TINY) holes with a small knife/anything pointy the nib where the flow regulator (The little nob at the end of it) hits the nib, otherwise this will streak, not badly, but enough to make you pretty mad, other wise it's some quality stuff. As you should know, otr markers are built to last a long time.

- And if you're lazy to search for a recipe here it is, 60-70% black ink and 25-40% VERY THINNED silver bucket paint (Should be oil based, and if it's not, I don't know what the hell kind of paint you use lol..) _- \1 tb spoon of paint and 3-4 tb spoon of thinner(MAY CHANGE DUE TO THE SIZE OF THE BATCH)/ Mix that up good and enjoy. (Old school recipe) -_ (kind of a 'Ohh sh*t why didn't I think of that!' Kind of reaction :o).
(Read on if interested)

P.S. I'll leave a little gift on my part,

I'll just leave you with this for the people who like it easy and like to have a mad good recipe to whip up fast - and don't b*tch at me if it's a little bit off, I'm just here to help.


Small batch!


-- REFILLS MARKER 1-2 TIMES -- (1/5-2oz approx.)-

1. 6 1/2 tbsp of black ink (Preferably oil based, unless you completely know what you're doing. :S . . . . . . . Just help again - DED outdoorsman, Money Shot, oink ink (Good sh*t if you don't know what it is already), H2B 'Hard To Buff' ink, the little refill otr bottles .. I think they're the 1 ounce ones? :don't know:, or anything along those lines . . . BUT the things that :won't work But Will IF you know what the hell you're doing: - DED inside job, or anything that's a 30% or higher alchohol ratio)

2. 2 tbsp of thinned silver bucket paint (Mentioned above^)

Mix it up until it's nice and together and not seperated with little speckles of silver paint floating around.


Average batch!


-- REFILLS MARKER 3-4 TIMES -- (7.5oz. approx., depending on how you high you like to fill it, although a little over half way should be fine, and plus, (note?) you shouldn't fill a marker till the top unless you like mess and ruined clothes/shoes)

1. 12 - 13 tbsp of black ink (ink choices mentioned above)

2. 5 - 6 tbsp of thinned silver paint (also mentioned above)


Hope I helped guys. ArtPrimo is the sh*t and I'm glad to help. Play around with the mix and the ratio and if you get something that's better than mine, I'd be happy of to let me know!

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.069 Stainless
.069 Stainless