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Under Pressure 8 Under Pressure #8
Full Color pictures of pieces, tags, and freights.  Interview with Heavy Weight Fighter Chris Byrd! This issue comes bundled with a free CD!
Under Pressure 8

BAMN Magazine #2   BAMN Magazine #2This magazine features beautiful, high-quality images of train and metro pieces from The Netherlands. Filled with whole cars and panels from writers such as Manks, Same, Utah, Ether, and many more. Imported.
A4 Landscape, no language (all image) release date June 2017.
BAMN Magazine #2

BAMN Magazine #3 BAMN Magazine #3
Strictly dutch trains.

DEBIEL special and a blast from the past part with pictures from around 2008-2011.

A4 (210 x 297 mm) , 4/4 (full color) , 135 g/m² , 56 pages , Cover 250 g/m²

Writers Featured: 302, crue, oniks, lboys, porco, cury, fofs, same, imper, mila, kru, crew, pick, gist, piter, jesus, utah, ether, alrite, cru, wertu, pms, beaps, iraso, kbtr, manks, krew, jasn, defs, frank, froe, nobody, dmg, ofm, gsk, etus, tech, gsks, trusme, niker, ktls, serius, stars, krise, jeko, forsure, runs, rosone, tetris, rancid, lenas, raite, seten, metvis, rogie, debiel, kinky, regen, weareupallnighttogetlucky, ikwillemniet, zled, willemIV, sache, slet, hda, hda's, jeas, bps, soms, topick, sven, anke, cangr, since, msas, stu, katinka, media, fatsk, ctrus, furious, life, hype, jesok, uno, prison, proper, billy, hyena, vandal, hirock, bcr, kcs, gta, evol, genom, gino, pffs, bongo, atslis, unoks, heyou, zap, vins, rid3r, delul, boca, cones, acs, reg, talib, die, za, caros, re-g
BAMN Magazine #3

BAMN Magazine #4 BAMN Magazine #4 Sixty pages of shiny, high-resolution trains covered in gorgeous graffiti straight from of the Netherlands to you! Full color, all image (no text). 60pgs, 8.5x11".  Imported.
BAMN Magazine #4

BAMN Magazine #5 BAMN Magazine #5 More of the Dutch trains you love, all printed in high resolution full color prints. A4 Paper. 60pgs. Limited Edition. Imported.
BAMN Magazine #5

BAMN Magazine #6 BAMN Magazine #6 Bamn Magazine features painted trains exclusively from The Netherlands, all captured in high-resolution, beautifully lit images. Issue 6 includes writers such as Manks, Tripl,  Page3, Utah, Ether, and many more. Imported. Full color, 60 pages, no language. Release 2021.
BAMN Magazine #6

BAMN Magazine #7 BAMN Magazine #7Welcome the 7th installment of the Dutch cult classic, BAMN! Like its predecessors, this glossy zine features full color, never-before-seen images of whole car pieces, train yard tags, and more. Magazine measures 8.5x11". Imported, softcover. 60pgs. English language.
BAMN Magazine #7

CONCRETE East Europe Graffiti Magazine #17 CONCRETE East Europe Graffiti Magazine #17Covid made them do it! This beefy zine focuses on graffiti writers from eastern Europe and provides 200pgs of full color, high-resolution images from trainyards from Warsaw to Prague, Budapest to Bulgaria. Includes features with UKS, LEGZ, LOTY Crews, interviews, and more. Imported, A4 format, 200 pages, English language. Released: 2020.
CONCRETE East Europe Graffiti Magazine #17

Ego War - Spring 2009 Ego War - Spring 2009New old/deadstock. Ego War is an Italian magazine that features strictly subway photos.  This issue is packed with full page over sized photos of crushed transit, and action shots of hardcore transit bombers getting busy.    
Includes trains from all of Europe, and the U.S. Full color, glossy. Italian language. Imported.
Ego War - Spring 2009

Graffiti Art Magazine #46 Graffiti Art Magazine #46This issue is from September 2019. Imported, French and English language. Full-color magazine format, 130pgs. 
 From the publisher: As of this new school year, we should no longer take things seriously. This is why this new Graffiti Art issue looks into artists with a strong background in irony. We started by visiting the naïve-style house of Carrie Reichardt. This hell of a woman makes fiercely feminist wild and literal art that can only rejoice in its audience. In this issue:
Aryz Carrie Reichart  Crystal Wagner Dan Rawlings Gris1 Lucy Sparrow Romain Froquet Taku Obata and many, many more...
Graffiti Art Magazine #46

Graffiti Art Magazine #47 Graffiti Art Magazine #47 Travel to London in 2019 (remember the before times?) and explore the halls of Frieze Week London. Discover intricate exhibits, admire massive murals and travel without leaving your home. Also included are exclusive interviews with historical graffiti writers, contemporary artists and creatives from around the world. Imported. Full color. 130pgs. French and English language.  Featured in this issue: HyuroGérard Zlotykamien  Ox Seaty Ermsy BLO  Wayne Horse  Clet and many, many more...
Graffiti Art Magazine #47

Graffiti Art Magazine #54 Graffiti Art Magazine #54This issue is both a journey across continents and times: from an exploration of NYC Subways in the 1970s and images of  Keith Haring, Dondi, Futura 2000, Phase 2, and more... the jump to the present to view modern graffiti and street of Madrid and Marsailles. Fascinating! Imported. 130 pages, full color. French and English language.   In this issue: 
Graffiti Art Magazine #54

Graffiti Art Magazine #61 Graffiti Art Magazine #61 This edition of Graffiti Art Magazine was released February- March 2022.  Imported, full-color glossy magazine. French and English language. From the publisher: A new year has begun! May it bring projects, challenges, and vibrant production of murals, graffiti, installations, and canvasses. But may it also be filled with encounters during festivals, fairs, and openings, and simply the production of works that embellish our cities. In this issue, we explore the facets of Urban Art that contribute to its diversity and wealth. Born in the street, Urban Art has found in urban furniture a playground of choice and a boundless means of expression. The opposite of a spontaneous practice, classical canons, and themes raise questions about the place of academism in certain Urban Art trends. After all, shouldn’t we talk about the multiplicity of Urban Arts rather than Urban Art?
Graffiti Art Magazine #61

Hard2Burn Vol 8 Berlin Hard2Burn Vol 8 BerlinRARE! Hard2Burn is a graffiti magazine that only features train and metro graffiti from the gritty streets of Berlin.  This issue features graffiti writers: IOC, TMR, MRN Crew, Kone, VDS Crew, and Peter Stelzig. Imported. Full color. 87 pages, German language, Released 2019.
Hard2Burn Vol 8 Berlin

Keep the Faith Magazine #2 Keep the Faith Magazine #2

Established in 2009, Keep The Faith has quickly become an authority on British graffiti offering a unique insight into an esoteric and diverse culture that continues to prevail in the face of increasingly severe punishments.

Born out of a love and passion for graffiti, KTF's aim was to lift the spirits of everyone from active writers to their friends and family as well as to document the intimate elements of graffiti's private scene.
Keep the Faith Magazine #2

Moving Shadows Magazine #1 Moving Shadows Magazine #1German graffiti magazine featuring painted walls and trains across the country. Released in 2009. A4 format, German language. Imported. Limited quantities available.Please note: These vintage zines are sold AS IS. They are deadstock and unused, however some copies may have minor damage to the covers, scuffs etc.
Moving Shadows Magazine #1

Moving Shadows Magazine #2 Moving Shadows Magazine #2This German graffiti magazine features pictures of trains and walls from across the country, as well as interviews with writers and never before seen pics. Softcover magazine. Extremely limited run- a great addition to your collection! 52pgs, full color. Imported, A4 Format. German language.
Moving Shadows Magazine #2

NEONGRAU Magazin #10 NEONGRAU Magazin #10New! NEONGRAU'S tenth anniversary magazine has landed!  This glossy, limited edition mag has a silver cover and it is loaded with full-color photos of trains and walls as well as interviews. Imported. German language. 100pgs. Featured in this issue:KIBA STEL BOOZE, ISAK&COSY....and many more!
NEONGRAU Magazin #10

Nonstop Culture Magazine Vol 26 Nonstop Culture Magazine Vol 26After a long wait, the Nonstop Culture Magazine from Bern is back with a new issue! Travel across 92 glossy, full-color pages in this new edition. Imported, limited quantities available. 
In this issue: Crew Special with the HORR Crew, Travel Report with VALID, who talks about his experiences in Eastern Europe and Central Asia in “Going East”, and Writer’s Story with RIGOLO, who talks about his career as a graffiti writer and his view of the two decades of graffiti in Bern that he has experienced and helped shape. In addition, there are some pages of mixed walls and trains from Switzerland.
Nonstop Culture Magazine Vol 26

Nonstop Magazine Issue #27 Nonstop Magazine Issue #27Nonstop #27 is set in Switzerland and packed with full-color images of trains, more trains, and a few walls for good measure. German and English language. Imported. Published 2022.
Nonstop Magazine Issue #27

Petrograff #7 Petrograff #7Issue #7 of Russia's first international graffiti publication features an in-depth look at Russian writers, trains, and graffiti culture. A must-read! Full color, 152pgs. Russian and English language. Imported.
Petrograff #7

Reptoid Magazine #10 Reptoid Magazine #10Relive history with this rare, deadstock Reptoid Magazine from 2003! From Sweden, this glossy full-color mag includes flicks of Stockholm commuter trains, buses, metros, Intercitys, long-distance runners, and more. Imported. 48 pages, A4 portrait, English edition.
 In this issue:
CNR CREW, Photo report
FAU REW, Swedish and European steel
SWEDISH STYLES, Trains from all over Sweden
Reptoid Magazine #10

SAM Street and More Magazine #17 SAM Street and More Magazine #17Presenting the 17th installment of Street and More Magazine! As with all of their issues, the mag alternates between street art, funny comics, colourful graffiti pieces and unbelievable designs. Features artists include: Levi Jacobs, KCBR, Muretz, and Dave The Chimp. Imported, full color. English language.
SAM Street and More Magazine #17

Stains Magazine #9 Stains Magazine #9Stains Magazine, the only graffiti magazine in the world entirely focused on Swedish graffiti, is back with their 9th issue!  As usual, page after page is maxed out with walls, freight trains, mixed Swedish trains, subways and commuter trains from Stockholm, even spraycations, despite the Covid-19 pandemic hit of 2020. 84 pages thick, with a really fresh cover styled by Såg 45 [BRO]. Imported, 84 pages. Softcover.
Stains Magazine #9

Stylefile #29 Stylefile #29(Easterfile) includes a custom cover by Hera. Easterfile contains an in depth interview with Heracut of the world famous photo realism crew Ma'Claim.  This issue is also packed glossy flicks of  bombing, trains, and walls from around the world.
Stylefile #29

Stylefile Magazine #59 Rockfile Stylefile Magazine #59 RockfileIssue #59 is the final installation in Stylefile's popular "music series". Rock features pieces and articles inspired by the music that accompanied the first generation of writers in the early 70s. Rock and roll is here to stay and this installation proves it!  96 pages, full color. Imported. German language. Featured in Stylefile #59:


- SWET -& his 50th Birthday Challenge







...and more!
Stylefile Magazine #59 Rockfile

Underground Productions #40 Underground Productions #40 Issue #4 of Underground Productions magazine is a romp through graffiti cultures around the globe! This full-color magazine contains lots: from a TOMCAT interview in cool Copenhagen to handstyle exploration in Europe to Bangkok for an exploration of the booming graffiti scene in Thailand's busiest city. Finally, cruise Madrid, where a few brave Spaniards are still smashing trains despite the cities relentless efforts to stop them! Imported. Released in 2009, deadstock quality.
Underground Productions #40

Underground Productions UP #25 Underground Productions UP #25RARE! Dating from 2003, this collectible full-color throwback zine includes features on CORE, FINSTA, MANDER, LADY, Ed Fella and more. English Language. Imported. 48pgs. Deadstock.
Underground Productions UP #25

Underground Productions UP #39 Underground Productions UP #39Attention magazine collectors: limited quantities of UP's 2008 issue #39 are now available! Imported. Full color, deadstock like-new quality. 68 pages, Text: English. From the publisher:  Issue #39 features special interviews with Danish graffiti legend BATES, DERICK - THE SLOVAKIAN MUTANT and RIDLERS. Plus, travel and scene reports from BALKAN BOOGIE to a CHICAGO-based article and a whole lot more! Fresh and interesting as always - check it out.
Underground Productions UP #39

Unpleasant Magazine 2018 #6 Unpleasant Magazine 2018 #6For forty years, graffiti and railcars have gone hand in hand on the pages of zines such as these. UM #6 blesses your coffee table with this high quality magaize featuring Fister, Grim, Izzo, MÖE, Noach, OLDBOYS, Regie and Zay. Includes a spectacular whole car special!
Unpleasant Magazine 2018 #6

UP Magazine: Issue #02 Travel & Place 2019 UP Magazine: Volume 1 Issue 2: Travel & Place 2019 This is the second installment of UP:  a NYC-based quarterly magazine that centers on street art, graffiti, and creative urban culture. Each issue of UP focuses on a single subject, exploring a wide range of artists, interviews, and ideas around the theme. Full color, softcover. English language. 

From the publisher: For Issue II, UP takes a look at two topics – Travel & Place. Murals are tools of “placemaking” with the ability to create striking, visual statements about a neighborhood’s shared personality. We recruited writers from cities across the globe, and did some traveling ourselves, to explore the complex relationship between street art and the places it inhabits.
UP Magazine: Issue #02 Travel & Place 2019

UP Magazine: Issue #03 Community & Culture UP Magazine: Issue #03 Community & Culture Imported, full color. English language. From the publisher:UP chose its Issue 3 theme, ‘Community & Culture,’ before we our debut launch party in June 2019. Perhaps it’s kismet, then, that this topic would prove so pertinent to 2020, a year defined by global pandemic, racial strife, economic uncertainty, and fractured politics that have ripped our social collective apart. For the UP team, the consequences of these seismic shifts have been felt both directly and indirectly, personally and professionally.

If these stories are evidence of anything, it’s the resilience of the urban art community. Whether muralists, sticker slappers, illegal graff writers, or commissioned street artists, the name of the game is getting up – no matter the obstacles.
UP Magazine: Issue #03 Community & Culture

Xplicit Graf X #5 Xplicit Graf X #5
What's Inside: Train stations of Paris, Subways of Paris, Seb, Copenhagen streets, Trains and subways of Copenhagen, BGS, Necro, Walls from around the world, Euro trains, Rocks, End 2 End project and much more.
Xplicit Graf X #5

Xplicit Grafx #8/9 Double Issue Xplicit Grafx #8/9 Double IssueNew old-stock from 2004 and highly collectable, this double issue of Xplicit Grafx #8/9 magazine features nearly 100pgs with the finest styles that the graff scene has to offer.

Includes: French walls and steel, chromes, South (Italy, Spain…), Northern Europe (Sweden, Finland), Metal Heads, A-line Vandalz, burning zone, whole carz, trains worldwide, Belgian steel, NYC. In interview: TPG squad LONDON and many more!

Published 2004 by Xplicit Grafx, France
Xplicit Grafx #8/9 Double Issue

XPLICIT GRAFX Writers Magazine Issue 3 XPLICIT GRAFX Writers Magazine Issue 3  From the vaults! This 2007 graffiti magazine travels the streets and subways of Paris, Barcelona, European walls and silver trains from around the world. Imported. Deadstock. 138pgs. French and English Language PLEASE NOTE:  These magazines are unused and new, but may have fading, discoloration or small amounts of wear and tear from their time in storage.
XPLICIT GRAFX Writers Magazine Issue 3

XPLICIT GRAFX Writers Magazine Issue 4 XPLICIT GRAFX Writers Magazine Issue 4 Rare! Another deadstock time machine magazine- collect them all. Imported, full color. French and English Language.  In this issue: French trains,  Silver cars from Europe, Marseille streets covered in graffiti, subways, Euro walls, GHOST, TAPS, Streets from around the world, CHOB, interviews, Euro subways, Ghost, and so much more. PLEASE NOTE:  These magazines are unused and new, but may have small amounts of wear and tear from their time in storage.
XPLICIT GRAFX Writers Magazine Issue 4

XPLICIT GRAFX Writers Magazine Issue 6 XPLICIT GRAFX Writers Magazine Issue 6 Transport yourself to the gritty streets of Europe in 2007 with this deadstock zine. Follow known writers across the subways of Europe, tour legendary walls around the world, wander a Bucharest subway and more. Imported, full color. 138 pages. 
 In this issue: CAKES POINTSMOLE Playboys on tour and so much more... PLEASE NOTE:  These magazines are unused and new, but may have small amounts of wear and tear from their time in storage.
XPLICIT GRAFX Writers Magazine Issue 6