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Back in the Day - Hardback Back in the Day - HardbackRare and collectible full-size, blue cover edition. Back in the Day is an absolutely fascinating history of skateboarding and the people who have shaped it. Hardcover, 268pgs. English language.From the publisher: William Sharp began taking surfing photographs in southern California in the early seventies. and was quickly drawn into the nascent skateboard scene, shooting friends emulating surfing moves on the pavement. By 1975 he was brought in as a staff photographer for the magazine Skateboard World. During the next five years, he documented the meteoric rise of the movement, capturing thousands of photographs along the way. Back in the Day features hundreds of Sharps astounding photos from this era, the vast majority of which have never been seen before. The work is priceless, not only for its documentary value but for the beautiful and poetic images captured and later developed by Sharp himself (many in black and white). Pipes in Arizona, aqueducts in California, pools all over the place, the locales and images must be seen to be believed. More recently, Ozzie Ausband signed on as an editor of the project, collecting present day quotes and assisting with the paring down of Sharps massive photo archive. Sharps epic photos are populated by the vanguard of the scene such as Tony Alva,
Back in the Day - Hardback

Backjumps Live Issue #3 Backjumps Live Issue #3
This book features work by: Akim One, Anti Prive, Ash, Blu, Brad Downey, David "Comnoz" Kammerer, Dave the Chimp, Graffiti Museum, Huskitnavn (Remembermyname), Mode 2, Nomad, Reclaim Your City, Oliver Rodriguez Kroll, Skii @ Studio Anti, Study of Styles, Surrend, Daniel Tagno, Veysel Onder (Amok), Jan Lilienthal, Zevs and more.
Backjumps Live Issue #3

Before & Further - DABSMYLA Before & Further - DABSMYLABefore and Further is inspired by the individual life experiences of art duo DABSMYLA,  and explores their mystical union and shared balance of love, creativity, friendship, and sexuality. The significance of two becoming one is most essential to DABSMYLA, in their work and even more importantly in their role as husband and wife. This edition features a 16-page section of drawings and sketches made in preparation for the exhibition. Imported, English language. Soft-cover. Limited edition of 2500.
Before & Further - DABSMYLA

Berlin Writers Magazine: The Book #1 Berlin Writers Magazine: The Book #1 This incredible limited edition volume was first released in Winter of 2017 and contains nearly 300 pages of gorgeous full color graffiti photography. Featured are tags and pieces on trains, walls, doors and more as well as special appearances by ODEM, POET, SKAR and RAWS. A must for any true graffiti aficionado.
Berlin Writers Magazine: The Book #1

Black Ink Black Ink
Known as Toast in graffiti circles and Atalier in graphic design circles, Ata Bozaci is recognized as an artist, draftsman, illustrator, and graffiti artist. This Swiss-based dynamo is also known as one of the pioneers of three dimensional graffiti art. The link between these different artistic or design modes is a pictorial language that is based on the reduction of images and ideas to the essential - black ink on white surfaces. In order to preserve the character of his work and to create an object that is more than just a direct documentation of his work, the book was constructed with paper stock similar to that of his sketchbooks and all of his work printed exclusively using black ink on white paper. The book is organized into three main organizing chapters: Graffiti, Sketches, and Illustrations. Graffiti focuses on Styles & Characters, 3-D Styles and Living Letters, Sketches is divided into the categories Animals and People and the last section, Illustrations is devoted to Portraits and the commercial Graphics work that appears under the label Atalier.

Black Ink

Cap Matches Color: Two Decades Second Edition Cap Matches Color: Two Decades Second EditionDon't miss the second edition of Cap Matches Color's vintage spraypaint retrospective,  Two Decades of Digging. This paperback edition includes 50 new, never-before-seen images as well as all of the incredible content archived in the first printing.  Two Decades of Digging is an essential reference for any serious paint collector! 
The fine-print:
Softcover 6" x 9"
Offset 4 CP
Printed in the US
144 pages | 400+ images
*50 new images featuring advertising, color charts, and collections
Cap Matches Color: Two Decades Second Edition

CLOWN Smile Now, Cry Letter Handstyle Book CLOWN Smile Now, Cry Letter Handstyle Book

Clown has distilled a lifetime of letter craft into a book that will be enjoyable for beginners and pros alike. In this book, you will find 102 pages, packed with hundreds of different lettering styles for you to experiment with. In the first half, you will see the full alphabet done in 20+ styles per page, so you will always find inspiration. This book features piecing styles and tutorials with a full breakdown of the anatomy of lettering in a style reminiscent of the Andrew Loomis books. Towards the back, you will find illustrations, logo designs, and the only know full-color monogram word search. This is no coloring book, it's the bible of letter styles. Quantities limited. 

Linen Cover
102 pages with hundreds of letter styles
Full, step by step breakdown on the anatomy of letters
Back cover features monogram word search
"This is the Rosetta Stone of graff" -GR
CLOWN Smile Now, Cry Letter Handstyle Book

DISORDER: NASTY at Galerie Brugier-Rigail DISORDER: NASTY at Galerie Brugier-RigailThis is the hardback exhibition catalog for the solo show of the same name by famed French graffiti writer NASTY at Galerie Brugier-Rigail in Paris. As the name implies, this show was chaotic beauty with not only spray paint on canvases but compressed spray paint cans being used AS canvas. Enter the mayhem of NASTY's psyche and explore his biggest show to date. Imported, hardback. Full color. French and English language.
DISORDER: NASTY at Galerie Brugier-Rigail

Flip the Script 4th Edition Hardcover Flip the Script 4th Edition Hardcover It's back! Now is your chance to score one of our most requested restocks ever: Flip the Script. Part history book and part instructional manual, Flip the Script has become essential graffiti reading for writers and enthusiasts alike. 224 pages, full color. English language. Art Primo Staff favorite, highly reccommended.  About this book: Within the pages of Flip the Script, author Christian Acker has systematically analyzed the best graffiti hand styles, contextualizing the work of graffiti writers from around the United States. Acker presents the various lettering samples in a clean organized format, giving the material a proper, formal treatment evoking classic typography books. 
See our original review on the Art Primo Youtube Channel

About the Author: 

Christian Acker received a BFA with honors in Communication Design from Parsons School of Design in New York City in May of 2002.
He founded Adnauseum, Inc in 2002, and Handselecta Type Foundry in 2003. Adnauseum is an NYC-based experimental design studio, whose work runs the gamut of Photographic to Typographic. He occasionally guest lectures typography and design classes at his Alma Mater, Parsons School of Design.
Acker is a member of both the AIGA and the Type Directors Club.
Flip the Script 4th Edition Hardcover

Graffiti Avantegarde - MOSES & TAPS Graffiti Avantegarde - MOSES & TAPS   AP STAFF PICK! Nine years after the runaway success of their legendary book INTERNATIONAL TOPSPRAYER, MOSES and TAPS are back with a new release: GRAFFITI AVANTGARDE. 

This hardback, collector's quality volume will surely be regarded as a work of historical importance within the graffiti community.  With 544 pages, more than 2000 photos in ten chapters as well as interviews and exclusive experiences, it gives a deep insight into MOSES & TAPS™ broad works as artists for the last decade. Follow along and explore how they balanced bombing trains and being accepted as mainstream artists- then discover why these two worlds are not mutually exclusive. Full color, hard back, fabric cover.
Graffiti Avantegarde - MOSES & TAPS

Graffiti for Beginners Book Graffiti for Beginners Book Graffiti for Beginners is the fundamental guide for you to learn how to master the alphabet with style and finesse, letter by letter, until you are able to put together complicated words and messages, adding the coloring of your own choice.
Graffiti for Beginners Book

James Top: My Life Autobiography  James Top: My Life Autobiography New! Ships with a handmade James Top sticker. This autobiographical work documents the artists progress from trains to the Graffiti Hall of Fame and offers enlightening insights to the true birth of NYC graffiti culture. A fascinating read that is especially pertinent in our times. First edition. 90 pages with full-color, never before seen pics. From the publisher: James Top grew up a warrior in East New York, where fighting for survival in the projects was not a choice but an everyday reality. Armed with a can of spray paint, he created a new identity for himself: JEE2. Tagging tirelessly on doors, windows and walls eventually led to another iteration of his true self: JAMES TOP.  As James, he has built a legacy of iconic art exploring race, societal perception and the story of the black man in society.
James Top: My Life Autobiography

Like Lipstick Traces - Hardcover Like Lipstick Traces - HardcoverThe mission was simple: send thirteen global graffiti writers a Polaroid camera and 100 exposures of film to document their everyday lives, from the mundane to the extraordinary. Like Lipstick Traces is loaded with 3000 never-before-seen instant photos of food, walls, love, bikes... you name it. This book shares memories and moments from AROE (UK), C.B.S (DE), DUMBO (IT), HONET (FR), KEGR (DK), O CLOCK (FR), OS CURURUS (BR), RATE (USA), REMIO (NOR), ROCKY (ES), SCAN (CA), SMASH (CH), THE E.R.S (BE). Imported, hardback. Full-color.
Like Lipstick Traces - Hardcover

Mural Masters: A New Generation Mural Masters: A New GenerationThe 21st century has seen a sea change in perceptions of public art. No longer limited to alleys and the shadows of overpasses, a new generation is painting towering, colorful pieces in the broad light of day. Mural Masters is a stunning showcase of work by more than ninety street painters, including legends like C215, Hendrik Beikirch, Herakut, Logan Hicks, INTI, Faith XLVII, Felipe Pantone, NYCHOS and Saner, as well as a who's-who of up-and-coming mural artists. Mural Masters is full-color, hardcover. English language. A must-own for fans of contemporary public art.
Mural Masters: A New Generation

Neo Utopia Neo Utopia - The Art and Work of Superblast
Berlin based graphic designer SUPERBLAST was immersed in the world of punk rock and skateboarding when he discovered graffiti in 1990 and quickly became addicted to the energy and vitality of the street art underground. As a logical evolution of writing with spraypaint, he started a career as graphic designer in 1999. While studying graphic design, he freelanced for several urban brands, had solo and collective art shows. In 2004 he honed his skills in the beautiful craft of creating letters, by attending lessons in Fontdesign from the world-famous Luc(as) de Groot. His unique iconic style and use of color in illustrations, lettering and wall pieces lead him to projects with some of the most interesting and innovative artists and companies in his field. Most notable are his collaborations with Playstation Portable, Ecko Unltd, Volkl Skateboards, Montana Cans, and many more.  SUPERBLAST has designed clothing, graphics, magazine ads, and skateboard decks. Neo Utopia - The Art & Work of Superblast is a fascinating career retrospective from a pioneer of the European graffiti world. Included is a personal selection of graphic design work, graffiti, illustration, ad campaigns, logo design, typography and related art of the past 17 years as well as sketches and full color photos of work in progress. 
ISBN-13: 978-3-939566-11-3
Neo Utopia

OBEY: EARTH CRISIS - Shepard Fairey OBEY: EARTH CRISIS - Shepard FaireyThis rare, highly collectable two piece set arrives in a clear slipcover to protect it for years to come. Includes one book documenting all of Fairey's environmental work and a second with ten bound prints suitable for framing.  Each measures 13 1/2" X 17 1/2". Published by Éditions Albin Michel. Binlingual with French and English text.  From the publisher: Earth Crisis encapsulates 25 years of Shepard Fairey’s work focused on environmental themes, from its recent manifestation as a globe suspended from the Eiffel Tower to posters, murals and prints. Earth Crisis includes two oversized volumes in a slip-case. Volume one contains more than one hundred pages encapsulating Fairey’s entire oeuvre of environmentally focused work. Volume two is a massive board-bound 10-print set, suitable for display either intact or as frame-worthy stand-alone pieces. 

“My political stance on protecting the planet is driven by my concern for the quality of life for future generations.” -Shepard Fairey
OBEY: EARTH CRISIS - Shepard Fairey

ODEM On The Run - Softcover ODEM On The Run - Softcover Germany's "graffiti bible", ODEM On The Run chronicles the life of a youngster growing up in the Berlin graffiti scene of the 90s to becoming one of the most important European graffiti writers of all time.  German language.  Imported, softcover. 300+ pages with a full color photographic center section.
ODEM On The Run - Softcover

Paris Characters: WILD WAR Paris Characters: WILD WARRare! This 2004 book seeks to provide deeper insight and background to forty-five of the Parisienne graffiti writers dominating the scene in the early 2000s. Now out of print and hard to find, Paris Characters is a fascinating book for collectors and European Graffiti aficionados. 
Interviews with 45 major artists of the Graffiti Parisienne scene. Some of the featured artists include: Mode2, Jay, No.6, Lokiss or Alex and many more. Also includes 600+ never before seen photos.  Imported, hardcover. Full color. Measures 20x25cm. French language.
Paris Characters: WILD WAR

Stylefile Blackbook Sessions 5 Stylefile Blackbook Sessions 5After a decade-long hiatus, Publikat's Blackbook Sessions series is back with a fifth installement! This soft-back volume offers an insider’s view of the creative processes used by contemporary writers. With a range of studies from perfect pieces on paper to ideas brought about from broad strokes and scribbles, each page of this book opens the reader's eyes to new processes and possibilities. English language, imported from Germany. 160pgs. Full-color. 

Featured writers in Volume 5 include: DEJOE, MR.BAKER, KACAO77, SLIDER (GER), RUSTE, SEWER (US), TRUBA, TRUN (RU), SWET (DK) among many others.
Stylefile Blackbook Sessions 5

The Art of Writing Your Name: Urban Calligraphy and Beyond The Art of Writing Your Name: Urban Calligraphy and BeyondGrace your coffee table with this epic history of urban calligraphy! The Art of Writing Your name follows the arc of the urban calligraphy graffiti movement from its earliest practitioners, like Chaz Bojorquez to more recent adopters, such as Usugrow. This hefty book profiles 35 of the world’s hottest urban calligraphers with full-color photographs and interviews. The Art of Writing Your Name is a must-read for: graffiti fanatics, collectors, hand lettering fans, street art junkies, calligraphy lovers, and type enthusiasts and more. Imported. Hardcover, 200pgs. English language. Featured artists include:  Niels SHOW Meulman, Cryptik, JonOne, L’Atlas, SABER, Faust, Vincent Abadie Hafez and many, many more.
The Art of Writing Your Name: Urban Calligraphy and Beyond

Unpleasant Magazine 2018 #6 Unpleasant Magazine 2018 #6For forty years, graffiti and railcars have gone hand in hand on the pages of zines such as these. UM #6 blesses your coffee table with this high quality magaize featuring Fister, Grim, Izzo, MÖE, Noach, OLDBOYS, Regie and Zay. Includes a spectacular whole car special!
Unpleasant Magazine 2018 #6

Writing the Memory of the City - Berlin Writing the Memory of the City - BerlinBerlin has long been the capital of European graffiti. Here, theory and practice have met in rare fusion, driving development forward. Writing the Memory of the City offers a unique look at the creativity of 15 Berlin graffiti artists, presenting their thoughts, ideas and studies. Driven by their love of the organic city, these writers go through town in search of remote and hidden locations. This is urbanism as it has not been in evidence since Baudelaire's celebration of the city 150 years ago. Imported, 252pgs.
Writing the Memory of the City - Berlin