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Art Primo Squeazy E Questions And Answers
Question: Yoooo AP. I copped one of these and filled it with a dye based ink. It flowed great when I first juiced the nib. Then, it started to streak, and I couldn't get it work at all. I even poked holes in the nib with a sewing pin. sh*t just stopped flowing. I popped on the replacement nib. SAME THING HAPPENED! WTF! Please help. idk what to do. do the mohair nibs just suck or what?
Answer: (AP Reply) Go ahead and contact customer service. They can help!
Question: I know that by leaving solvent and alcohol based inks or paints in this will cause the body to swell overtime from solvents. How many days would you say I would be able to leave a solvent based ink in this for?
Answer: (AP Reply) There is no equation to answer this question. If you/re really worried about it, unscrew the lid and let air out. Just know more air= faster drying.
Question: If i leave solvent or alcohol based ink or paint in this will the body expand and cause the nib to become loose? Because I know this was a problem with the mini crusher. Also will the body expand and make the nib loose if I leave ink in a cutty mop or a drip mop mini????? PLS RESPOND QUICKLY!
Answer: (AP Reply) Because of the harsh chemicals in paints and inks mop bodies it will weaken plastics over time. This goes for most medium and low density mops. Higher density mops do better but they are harder to squeeze for drips.
Question: i ran out of tagging markers. best recommended?
Answer: (AP Reply) Its great!
Question: isn't this the same as Mini Crusher
Answer: (AP Reply) No its about a half ounce bigger, clear and more squeezable.
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Art Primo Squeazy E
Art Primo Squeazy E