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Art Primo Metal Tip Squeezer Art Primo Metal Tip SqueezerOur famous Squeezer is equipped with a durable steel tip and extra permanent xylene based paint to make writing on rough surfaces easy-squeezey. Order one today and scribble, drag or draw your way across the urban terrain. 
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Art Primo Metal Tip Squeezer

Sakura Solid Markers Sakura Solid Markers
Reach for the Sakura Solid Marker when you want to leave a lasting impression! These solidified paint crayons perform on any surface and are able to mark through oil, rust, and grease. This marker also features a special twist top cap to keep the product fresh and ready to use.
Sakura Solid Markers

Art Primo Solid Paint Marker Art Primo Solid Paint Marker
All hail the King of Streakers! The Art Primo Solid Paint Marker offers unsurpassed permanence, fade resistance, and a smooth texture in bright and opaque colors. Performs in all weather and all temperature. Can be used underwater. UV resistant. Designed for graffiti artists, by graffiti artists. Tested on surfaces worldwide.

Also available in Silver!
Art Primo Solid Paint Marker

Sakura Solid Marker - Glow in the dark Sakura Solid Marker - Glow in the dark
Ideal for search and rescue markings in dark environments. Marks on most surfaces: Concrete, Wood, Glass, Metal and Plastic. For indoor and outdoor use. Waterproof on most surfaces. Will mark on wet or damp surfaces. Dries in 10 minutes. Like all glow in the dark products these need to be charged with light. When using make sure you are marking an area that will both get light and complete darkness.
Sakura Solid Marker - Glow in the dark

Sakura Solid Marker Slim Sakura Solid Marker SlimThese ultra-slim versions of the Sakura Solid offer all of the durable, waterproof marking ability of the original. The Slim version is perfectly sized for discreet bad behavior on-the-go. Available in four colors. 

Sakura Solid Markers These classic Japanese solid paint markers are fast drying and waterproof and perform on almost on any surface rough or smooth, wet or dry.
Sakura Solid Marker Slim

Art Primo Hobo Marker Art Primo Hobo Marker
Art Primo HOBO markers are solidified paint stick markers which will write on the most amount of surfaces of any solid marker including rough, smooth and wet, metal, wood, glass and concrete. It can even write on grease and dirt. 

Dapper Hobo! Catch streaks, travel the world, eat beans outta a can and live a carefree life!
Art Primo Hobo Marker

Art Primo Press-N-Go Empty Marker 4 Pack  Art Primo Press-N-Go Empty Marker 4 Pack
This collection of empty Press-N-Go markers is the perfect addition to your artist's arsenal! Press-N-Gos feature durable metal tips and soft, squeezable bodies; perfect for creating fine lines with great ink flow control. These pocket powerhouses pair well with NEW Liquid Chrome Refills, Magic Ink, OTR Soultip Paint, One4All and more. For something different, try filling them with liquid adhesives for precise glue application or lubricant for spot application. Sizes included are 2 x 5ml, 1 x 12ml and 1 x15ml. Refillable with easy to remove screw-top.
Art Primo Press-N-Go Empty Marker 4 Pack

Marsh 88 Marker Marsh 88 T-Grade Marker
This marker is filled with Marsh T-Grade Ink. This action-valved marker contains 35% to 75% more ink than most disposable markers. It will work as long and as hard as you do. The Marsh 88 markers feature a dye based ink which is permanent and writes on most surfaces. 


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Marsh 88 Marker

Marsh 99 Marker Marsh 99 MarkerThe Marsh 99 Marker is the toughest marker yet!  This metal body marker features a heavy duty, screw-in bullet tip nib built for extreme longevity and industrial marking. The Marsh 99 Marker has been built with a special pump action valve that allows for the ultimate in ink control. Refillable. Sold Empty. Replacement nibs and chisel tip nibs also available. 
For best results, use mix of Marsh K-Grade Black + Garvey.
Marsh 99 Marker

AP Hobo Marker 5-Pack Gift Pack AP Hobo Pack This pack is great for a aspiring hobo! You get one of every Hobo we have and a cutty *Luxor marker for slaps. You are now ready to ride the rails!

*Assorted Styles
AP Hobo Marker 5-Pack

Art Primo Pen15 Marker Art Primo Pen 15 Marker

Our favorite little tagging marker is back. The PEN15â„¢ is a Hard Body valve marker with reversible nib. Pre-loaded with the most fade resistant, pigmented ink available, you will get a long lasting image for years to come. We love this marker for quick writes and slaps. Also perfect for industrial applications. 
Perfect for on the go! Indelible on any surface. Works well with Hello my Name is Stickers.

Long and strong and down to get the friction on; with Art Primo's Pen15 Hard Body technology, cutty tags are not a problem. You can alternate between chisel and bullet by flipping the nib, you too can be part of The Members Only Club. 

Use this on slaps, stickers and whatever graffiti or street art you want to do. King taggers know that these kill with Hello my Name is Stickers. Best for tags, throwies and other graffiti or graff depending on how cool you are.
Art Primo Pen15 Marker

Decocolor ID: Solid Stick Decocolor ID: Solid Stick
This pocket friendly solid paint marker is bangin'. This little streak works on many surfaces.  *** UPDATE: After extensive testing we found these don't work well on slightly moist or greasy surfaces. They are not as fade proof or permanent as the Sakura Solid or the Markal. However, they are a fun marker because of the size.***  Great for use on telephone poles, garbage cans, asphalt, concrete, masonry, lumber, panel trucks, cardboard, roll downs, insides, plastic, stair cases, rubber, steel, bathroom stalls, sheet metal, plastic sheeting, side busts, bicycles, electrical boxes, windows, boats, door ways and so much more! The opaque paint is fade resistant, waterproof and dries in only 5 to 7 minutes. Available in a variety of colors: each sold separately. Works in a variety of temperatures (14F/-10C to 392F/200C)Paint conforms to ASTM D4236. Imported.
Decocolor ID: Solid Stick

Marsh 88 FX Marker Marsh 88 FX Xylene Free MarkerThis marker is Xylene Free and Alcohol Based. 

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Marsh 88 FX Marker

Marsh Fountain Brush Empty Marker  Marsh Fountain Brush Empty Marker 

Quick dispensing with pump action button. Includes cover & 1 1/2" diameter hog hair brush nib. The pump action of Marsh Fountain Roller gives you fast, smooth ink dispensing, ensures solid stencil coverage and strong, clear marks for uneven surfaces. This marker has many uses including lettering, industrial and weapons maintenance. Known to the US Military as the "Donkey Brush" you can fill with CLP and wipe down/clean the entire bolt/receiver quickly. 
non-pigmented K-ink refill by unscrewing the cap on the base.
Marsh Fountain Brush Empty Marker