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Art Primo Metal Tip Squeezer Questions And Answers
Question: Just got one of these from my local shop shook very well and what’s coming out is closer to water then paint idk if it sat too long or something but is there a way to fix it
Answer: (AP Reply) Hi there- It may seem crazy, but you need to keep shaking it until you can hear the ball rattling fast and loose in the body of the marker. These markers are xylene-based and prone to separation if they sit in one position (like a shelf or cup) for a long time. Keep mixing and have faith!
Question: Can I refill my white one with white marsh? Or is the xylene too strong in the marsh and gonna warp the plastic
Answer: (AP Reply) You can refill this with white Marsh, but it's a formula with a different viscosity. Squeezers are fine with Xylene- they're Xylene based as well.
Question: Any indication if refills are still in the works, potentially soon?
Answer: (AP Reply) Try the OTR 990 or a mix with Marsh- we hope to have refills soon, but that should hold you over.
Question: Got the red one and it won\'t write on anything, glass or nothing. Gonna try thinning the paint out and see what\'s sup. I\'m thinking it\'s sh*t paint, marker is probably fine.
Answer: (AP Reply) Hi there! It sounds like you either have a clogged nib or the paint hasn\'t been shaken enough- these are oil-based industrial paints with a heavy pigment load. Shake VERY well. Email us a video if you\'re still having issues, we\'ll help you out.
Question: hard to squeeze and the paint is hard to come out:/
Answer: (AP Reply) Hi! You might not be shaking your marker enough- these contain a potent blend of pigments, shake really well before use. The thicker plastic is necessary to contain the xylene based paint but will soften over time. :)
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Art Primo Metal Tip Squeezer
Art Primo Metal Tip Squeezer