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Big Shotty Dual Spray Cap Big Shotty Dual Spray CapIntroducing the world's first ultrawide cap compatible with male and female cans: The Big Shotty! This special cap has a dual-spray design optimized for female cans with low-medium pressure but comes with a detachable stem for use on male cans with 4mm valves. Use the Big Shotty to finish your fill in half the time without wasting paint!
Sprays approximately 25-40 cm wide on female cans.

Please note: Big Shotty is solvent-resistant and designed to be cleaned and reused
Big Shotty Dual Spray Cap

CAPMAN Wide Stem Adapter CAPMAN Wide Stem AdapterFrom the minds behind Night Quill comes CAPMAN: a revolutionary adapter designed specifically for 4mm male-valve stems. This type of adapter works on Montana Ultrawides, Flame Boosters, Rusto Turbos, and many Asian and Australian hardware store brands. 

Compatible caps include: NY Fat, Legos, NYF Reissues
CAPMAN Wide Stem Adapter
Hydra Ultra Wide Cap Hydra Ultra Wide CapFrom Night Quill comes the HYDRA: a new standard in ultra wide caps specifically designed for Montana Ultra Wides, Flame Boosters, MTN Mad Maxx, and similar wide-valve tall cans. This female nozzle fits 4mm male valves.
Hydra Ultra Wide Cap

Night Quill Cap Trigger Night Quill Cap Trigger
Meet the Night Quill, your new secret weapon against sore wrists and tired fingers. This handy "cap trigger" works with your existing caps and cans to relieve muscle and joint strain when painting large areas or for long periods of time.

Night Quills are color-coded for ease of use and offer a range of three different "touch" intensities, plus one designed specifically for use with classic NY-style caps. This dependable attachment is manufactured to withstand years of use and enjoyment.
Choose your favorite or try all four:
Soft Touch - Infrared offers the most bounce/travel and is ideal for fine details, dusting, and spitting textures.
Medium Touch - Aqua has a medium bounce with a more direct flow and performs well with a wide range of caps from medium to thin.NY Lowrider - Orange has a medium bounce, and is optimized for use with NY Fats, Legos, OG Rustos, and NYF Reissues. This is our favorite Night Quill to pair with Rusto and other domestic brands. 
Hard Touch - Kryptonite has the least bounce and  most direct flow. Hard Touch is especially great when used with hard valve systems.
Night Quill Cap Trigger

Night Quill Complete Set Night Quill Complete SetThis comprehensive pack includes one of each Night Quill Can Trigger, plus a special selection of caps and a special AP Drawstring Pouch for storage. The Night Quill is a must-have for serious muralists, piecers, and anyone needing to cover large areas without finger or wrist strain. Try them all and find your favorite! $35 value. Individual Night Quills found here. Included in this set:1x Soft Touch - Infrared for fine details, dusting, and spitting textures.
1x Medium Touch - Aqua for direct flow, performs well with a wide range of caps from medium to thin 1x NY Lowrider - Orange optimized for use with NY Fats, Legos, OG Rustos, and NYF Reissues
1x Hard Touch - Kryptonite for the most direct flow
1x recommended 10-cap sampler
Night Quill Complete Set
Violet Reign Rusto Adapter Violet Reign Rusto AdapterViolet Reign is a groundbreaking new adapter optimized for use with European-style caps on male-valve system Rustoleum cans. Compatible caps: Flame Super Fine, Boston Fats, Pink Dots, Orange Dots, Grey Dots, Bengal Fats, Montana Level Caps and more. Violet Reign is not compatible with NYF, Legos, OG Rustos, or NYF Reissues. Please note: If your cap is not seated correctly in the adapter, things are going to get messy. We recommend breaking in this adapter in outdoor areas. Remember ALWAYS to direct caps and spray away from your face and to use only in well-ventilated areas.
Violet Reign Rusto Adapter