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Molotow Dripstick 25mm DS-XL EM 830.204 Questions And Answers
Question: does the bottom cap leak?
Answer: (AP Reply) Not if you thread it correctly when sealing it.
Question: Does the empty mop come with a shaker, or do you have to buy it separately?
Answer: (AP Reply) This mop does not include mixing balls, you'd need to add them separately.
Question: would this roc with soultip paint or is soultip too thick
Answer: (AP Reply) This should work just fine with Soul Tip paint.
Question: What's up AP, I noticed the new pic shows what looks like a cotton or felt nib. Did they finally do away with the mohair? If so, that would be f#cking great, because that was the only big downside to this mop.
Answer: (AP Reply) Yes and no. They have changed it, but there might still be some old ones in inventory. So if you care be sure to email right after you order, to let us know your preference.
Question: What's up AP?..Would you guys ever consider carrying the 34mm cotton nibs that fit on these markers?
Answer: (AP Reply) maybe. We shall see.
  (Ma.destruction Says:) Nice..this mop will wreck shop w/ a cotton nib.Nice..this mop will wreck shop w/ a cotton nib.
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Molotow Dripstick 25mm DS-XL EM 830.204
Molotow Dripstick 25mm DS-XL EM 830.204