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Molotow 311EM Marker
Molotow 311EM Marker
11 Reviews 4.2 of 5 Stars! Average Rating
Molotow 311EM Marker

by SACHEone -Read all my Reviews 05/16/2016
Hands down one of the best empties on the market. Uni paint/Smash KO nib but its 2x as compact while still staying full for a good amount of time (probably the same as a uni or KO considering those come like a third full while you can fill these almost to the top).

Like another reviewer said, its true that the nib is not the MOST durable thing but what are you expecting from a 4-8mm nib???

I use it exclusively for tagging and the nibs last a good while. I fill this bih with speedflow or coversall depending on what I have with a little pilot if I feel like it or want to save the good stuff. Pick one up along with some nice black ink.. and some bullet tip replacement wont be disappointed.

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars! [5 of 5 Stars!]

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by f*ck this marker -Read all my Reviews 09/22/2015
this marker is fantastic!! if you are not planning to do tags with it, and keep it as a sketchbook marker ONLY.
if you don't, well you'll fast regret it. I got only of these filled it up with stealth coz i was hoping to get some fat drips to be coming out of my crispy chisel tip handstlyes, because of how watery the ink is in combination with molotow's sick valves. but this is not what happened the nib was completely flattened out. even more than on a heavily used pentel white (and i've gone thru my fair share of them) after taking it for one daytime bomb!!! I CANT EVEN PUMP IT ANYMORE..... absolutely 110% the sh*ttest, weakest nib i have encountered in a VERY LONG time. And replacements that are of decent quality are not sold here or anywhere else i can see. I feel like i have wasted so expensive ink just to soak up the nib! useless! apart from the nib it's probably a very good marker, but it's useless without a good quality nib..

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by dissolving daily -Read all my Reviews 12/30/2013
What can I say this little marker is perfect for my needs. It is a dope little chisel tip marker thats only slightly larger than my hand. Works just fine for labels or bombing. I recomend using it with alcohol based inks only. For some reason any inks that are xylene based make the valve stay open, even if they are dye. This is not really a disadvantage for me since the ink freeflows into the nib and makes it pretty juicy but your mileage may vary. Im going to buy atleast two more and a bunch of nibs.

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by AMHUR -Read all my Reviews 04/11/2012
The guy who previously reviewed this marker is a bozo! with that out of the way, i actually HAVE this marker, and i can tell you that it has traits that make it significantly different than the k -71 or uni paint. The only similarity is the Nib style and size. This marker, is REFILLABLE! a huge plus side compared to the uni paint or k 71. ive got mine filled with smash black attack and a few squeezes of pilot black for an extra umph and a little better flow. this marker is dope, AP should do a video/better overview of it.

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by smartass818 -Read all my Reviews 04/06/2012
well.... from what i see, this is just molotow taking advantage of the obvious lack of an ESSENTIAL marker, which is the uni-paint/krink k71 style chisel tip nib'ed marker, and making it even better by having it empty. im not sure if this also has the same problem i experienced with empty otr's and their lack of not-leaking, or not opening the cap without spilling ink, but if this has a much easier cap then im gonna pour in some of that smash teal and bubblegum ive been holding out on. but if you wanna hear it from the guy who's not bringing in 70,000$ a year, ( meaning im fu*king broke ) then do yourself a favor, pick up 2 _--- remember kids 2 _---- uni-paint PX-30's, whichever color you like best, my personal favorites include the red silver and gold, get 2 of the same color unipaints, open both of them ( screw the top where the cap meets the marker ) empty one of the unipaint's ink into the other marker, and tada! you now have a uni-paint with double the original ink ( which doesnt come with very much to begin with ) and an empty uni-paint to fill with whatever color you desire. hope this helps out any up-and-coming writers/toys out there with their parents credit card ready to use.
PS: art primo, my bad if you think im discouraging people from buying your product, just giving out my opinion. peace out, and get up!

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars! [5 of 5 Stars!]

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