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Molotow 227HS One4All Acrylic Marker Questions And Answers
Question: Which one is closer in color to the sf purple???
Answer: (AP Reply) Currant/CES Violet
Question: Can u refill this woth smash ink bro????
Answer: (AP Reply) We would recommend sticking with a water-based if you/re refilling this. If you want Smash in a marker of this size you can fill a 222EM Marker;
Question: I was wondering whats the best way to store these markers? meaning is it best to leave them facing up, down, or lay them flat so they won't dry up or anything.
Answer: (AP Reply) There are all sorts of ways to store these and up to preference. If you use these often they will naturally mix in handling. If you are storing them for some time, sideways may be smart since the paint has an easier chance of mixing. I personally store them upright and every so ofter flip and leave the container upside down and then flip again.
Question: These markers would not cover my Mtn 94 spray paint, the one4all paint gathered into little beads on top of it, and I was wondering if anyone knew why and if it would do the same on Flame paint, or if they would cover that normally?
Answer: (AP Reply) Was it Dry? It should cover with no problem. Did you try hitting the area with 1000 grit sandpaper?
Question: I see that you said these can be used as body paints, but I am wondering if there are any toxic materials to be worried about. I paint face and these seem wonderful, but I don't really want to be sending kids (and adults) home with chemicals they should not be near.
Answer: (AP Reply) We said they can, but they aren't intended for that. The Molotow markers are water based acrylics, and are the far safer option that the xylene based, Deco markers we see a lot of our customers using for body art.
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Molotow 227HS One4All Acrylic Marker
Molotow 227HS One4All Acrylic Marker