Molotow Cocktail - Coversall
Molotow Cocktail - Coversall
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Molotow Cocktail Ink - Coversall Formula
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Acts 1 biznitch!!!!TDMk 408em 09/10/2021
I put a cocktail of some krink black ink with a lil Steve Garvey ink a lil coversall masterpiece and I don't know if I f*cked up but also at the end put some higgins black ink in a molotiw 25 mop... haven't used it alot yet but I was wondering Ap do u think the higgins will cause the other inks to not flow thru the nip properly or will they cause the whole ink mixture to curtle in a sense if it sits 4 a lil bit just asking cuz im old school but still like to rock tags despite my age im getting up there but f*ckit it one of the only things that keeps me happy now days....Let me know GR if I f*cked up. OH YEA ANOTHER KINDA PRICEY BUT PLAYER @$$ MOP MIX IS IF U GET SOME KRINK SILVER OR MOLOTOW SILVER AND MIX IT WITH THE STEVE GARVEY THE TAGS ON GLASS WINDOWS LEAVE A PLAYER @$$ PURPLE WITH SILVER ACCENTS ON THE EDGES TRUST ME U WILL B ENTIGUED AND PROBABLY BE NOTORIOUS FOR YOUR LOUIS VUITTON PRICED TAGS BUT f*ckIT CANT TAKE THE BREAD WITH US SO MIGHT AS WELL SPEND IT ON SOME FLOWTATION MEDIUMS Y f*ckIN NOT!!! TO ALL MY REAL WRITERS KEEP DOIN WHAT MAKES U HAPPY JUST DONT GRILL NOBODYS HOUSE BUT THE COURTHOUSE LOL AND ALL THE OTHER CITY PROPERTY IS GAME...ROCK sh*t KIDS PEACE FROM A OG WHO MIGHT JUST BE ONE OF U GUYS READING THIS PASSAGE DADS ???? ????????????????????????????????????????DUCES?  5 of 5 Stars!

Anonymous Guy 08/27/2021
I run this stuff through my brush tipped marker for slaps. It goes on thick and seems to run good in the Seattle weather. IMO it's worth the money [for now]. Also you can put this ink in pretty much any marker and it will run like a champ. I've even soaked sharpie tampons in it.  5 of 5 Stars!

Bobby Hampton 03/17/2018
I wish I liked this ink better. Although permanent, it's not incredibly black. Works great on most any surface, flows great thru pump markers, lots of pros to this product. However I don't recommend it for slaps, it's looks brown and translucent on paper or eggshell. Try for yourself but not my personal favorite.  3 of 5 Stars!

Save5pointz 04/09/2014
Great ink! you can get some great drips with it! put this in a molotow drip mop and this sh*t is great!  5 of 5 Stars!

typatag 01/23/2013
the cocktail inks are the highest quality black inks available.. nuff said

now here's a little recipe for the most effective black marker i've ever used. for big, eye candy, bleed through tags with no streaks in a pocket size marker:

- pocket version of a jumbo pump marker (molotow makes the best jumbo pumps)
- a 20mm t-nib
- a bottle of coversall (no additives needed! expect the quality you should get from a $22 dollar glass bottle of ink)

this marker bombed so hard that i started to use other markers less and coversall instantly became my favorite. it's basically a better version of otr's cold sweat marker. i refilled my black k-71 with this and it worked great. keep the nib juiced and write lightly for the best results with both markers.

because of its price, it's not the most ideal ink for big mops like the 4 ounce kiwi or soul tip unless you ration your squeezing or you have extra the money to burn. in either case i'd go for the speedflow for better drips.  5 of 5 Stars!

Ma.destruction 12/02/2011
This stuff will eat through anything you can TRY to cover it with.I've heard people say that the coversall is too thick,but so far it flows like a dream in any valve marker or mop I've used it in.(no need to take the regulator out of your mop either.) Also, I noticed that the reveiwer before me said this ink has a flat finish,but for me this is by far one of the glossiest inks I've ever seen. All-around dopest black ink money can buy,no need to mix this ink with anything, because it can't possibly get any better. Most likely,you haven't used this ink yet, or you don't know what good ink is if you would even consider mixing this with anything!(no offense to anyone)  5 of 5 Stars!

noahgoldowitz 11/22/2011
WORTH. EVERY. PENNY. Flows like no other (except its brother!!!!) this stuff is black and is weather PROOF. this stuff handles the 100 degree sun as well as the below freezing snowy months; trust me I have seen it! The coversall has a flat black finish, one of the darkest blacks i have EVER seen!

NOTE: Y'ALL BEST be mixing this stuff in with your coldsweat markers!! it will improve their performance tenfold!! only takes about a teaspoon in a coldsweat marker to see an ENORMOUS difference!!!  5 of 5 Stars!

Ultrafat 07/13/2011
This ink is dope really good to mix with stainers  5 of 5 Stars!

Theone 05/30/2011
This Sh** is SO SICK. SO SICK SOOO SOOO SICK! The best ink Man.  5 of 5 Stars!

Arête 04/20/2011
Holy s**t, like the other reviewer I was a little hesitant to buy this stuff cause of the price but I just got it in the mail and I can't imagine a better ink. I did a test against several other markers and inks the coversall blew them away. It dries pretty much instantly and when drawn on a clear surface it is almost totally blacked out on the first pass, and when you go over it with paint it seems to absorb the color an still show through after eight coats of paint. Probably the only black ink I will ever use again! My only concern is I have a soap that very easily removes the ink from most solid surfaces even though I find it almost impossible to remove otherwise. All in all this ink in a 611EM has helped me step my game up quite a bit and is a deadly combination!  5 of 5 Stars!

Bloodsweatxylene. 03/14/2011
Hesitant at first to get this. 21$, seemed a little pricey. SO WORTH IT. Only ink I use now. Everything else seems obselete. I didn't know the definition of black ink before I saw this hold up on a transformer box for over a year, now thats some quality. Nice glass bottle. This cocktail is the Patron of the ink world, every ounce is gold. As Charlie sheen says, "WINNING, 24/7."  5 of 5 Stars!

Anonymous 01/13/2011
Ordered the coversall on sunday and I received it in the mail on thursday, awesome shipping fast and quick. The Coversall formula is the sh*t! Its really worth the price and AP even threw in a couple stickers, heh. This stuff drips like crazy and stains like hell so you should really wear gloves. Drys pretty quickly also. Used it in a OTR Soultip .45 and it works amazing, flows nice and you can add just the right pressure to it for drips. I havent mixed it with anything yet but it looks like it would mix well with other inks also. Its great all by itself though two thumbs up, thanks AP.(apreply) yes its good. Really no need to mix it.  5 of 5 Stars!

Cognak 12/21/2010
Got a bottle of this to refill my Masterpiece and wound up refilling my OTR Hard2Buff AND my ColdSweat with it. The bottle doesn't look huge but the ink goes a long way, and is WORTH THE MONEY. Great ink, very deep black color, harder to buff than a lot of others. Smells like hell, but what doesn't. Just CRUSSSHHHHH!!!  5 of 5 Stars!

dEZ 10/14/2010
these molotow inks (speedflow&coversall) are expensive inks for a reason. they are pure high quality! both contain tar apparently which gives it that extra shine and its thin enough to flow rEeEaAaLlLl good through most mops. throw some of this in your dripstick 25 for some fatty fat tags that drip to the floor as if your letters just had an orgasm and came all over the wall. or if your like me and want to savor the ink just write nice clean and bold with a smooth flow. n'joi kidz  5 of 5 Stars!

resign 09/20/2010
This is the best black. Expensive but worth every penny, stains hard, super opaque. Throw this in the drip mop and get some grimy results, mix a tinyy bit in with your smash to darken it up a bit.  5 of 5 Stars!

DECOY HR KS CP 09/06/2010

TOEJAM! 08/16/2010
This stuff writes so smooth in my Otr stainless like after the stainless ink started running low I topped it off with this n it automatically started flowing so gooodd way better than before very opaque.  4 of 5 Stars!

smearone 12/29/2009
Ok the last time I was hustling lol jp I found some money under my bed n I got this so I really didn't use it till last night along with a mop filled with smash n I caught a couple of tags n I was suprised of the flow I ran this in a molotow empty marker n
oh my god the lines were beast as always mr buffer tried it again but I'm to good the funny part was right next to my tag I wrote buff me n a smilly face lol he couldnt go over lol I'm pretty sure he tried lots of coats of paint cuz the black bleeded through it  5 of 5 Stars!

Aphorism | A4 |A4ISM 12/14/2009

Used in a Masterpiece marker.

I got painted over (in both Post Office blue and electric box grey) and both tags were pretty sufficiently covered, but the ghost of the tag was visible—almost like the paint floated over this ink and left the outline and some of the body of the tag visible.

My favorite black ink I've used so far.  5 of 5 Stars!

Nives 10/21/2009
Good stuff
It covers well, doesn't fade, but I perfer the speed flow, I think it has a better finish and looks better, definetely perfect for the Masterpiece and useable in a mop, but, I like it better in the masterpiece, so next time you need ink, purchase the Molotow Cocktail coversall/speedflow in your next AP order.  4 of 5 Stars!

Smearone 09/13/2009
wow in a empty molotow so nice clean lines I felt like crying LOL  5 of 5 Stars!

PHL 06/25/2009
This is pretty nice, one of the best black inks, but I've encountered some little problems. Don't get me wrong, it flows fantastic in a mop and stains quite well, but this separates so fast in the heat we get down here, it gets slightly annoying. Also, the smell of the bitumen is so strong and pungent, you can really exclude using this on any public transportation / crowded areas.  4 of 5 Stars!

MAEM 02/01/2009
aight so i've been rollin' with this stuff for about a week, mopped a pretty public surface with coversall (few squirts of black pilot ink in the mop as well) and about 2/3 days later it got the buff, i don't know if the buffer was cheap or his paint was cheap but my tag looked a shade or two lighter.. money well spent. thnx ap, for another quality product.

-using this stuff in an otr soultip, a molotow empty, and mixed it in a otr cold sweat.. all three took it they was made for it..  5 of 5 Stars!

MAEM 01/30/2009
tossed this stuff into an empty molotow marker and an empty soul tip mop (big fan of black ink).. results where absolutely amazing, just amazing. at first its the bottle design that say's "we're not f*ckin' around here, aight!?" then the results.. -***** black ink.- no sir they wasn't f*ckin' around. if you wanna see what this ink does write generously on a clear cd case then look at in sun light when it's dry.. if it doesn't turn you on then no black ink will.  5 of 5 Stars!

MAEM 01/27/2009
yo AP is this stuff mixable with pilot ink?(ap reply) DYE base and DYE base always mix.  5 of 5 Stars!

EPIK.ONE 01/27/2009
is it good in a molotow empty marker?
or a burner?(ap reply) it works great.  3 of 5 Stars!

itsthebigpayback 12/11/2008
yo AP what happened to the do em dirty inks son? i coped the blue inside job a while back and damn that was some good ink, wanted to try out the black! how does this ink compare?(ap reply) try it. you\'ll like it!  5 of 5 Stars!

Anonymous 11/21/2008
how is the buff on this ink? does it stain hard?(ap reply) its made of ground up scribes  4 of 5 Stars!

wacko uta crew 11/17/2008
This ink is dope! if your looking for a good black,copp this!  5 of 5 Stars!

sully654 10/25/2008
such an awsome ink.takes so much to buff it...i just made a tiny buff vid nd i had to douse the towel in rubbing alchahol and take like 15 seconds of rubbing to see any buff (ap reply) Lets see it  5 of 5 Stars!

jvanph 10/20/2008
So is it possible to use the ink with a NYC mop?
Thanks AP reply>Yes  5 of 5 Stars!

jvanph 10/08/2008
Does the formula contain xylene? {AP REPLY} Its Alcohol based  5 of 5 Stars!