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Magic Ink Marker - Glass Body
Magic Ink Marker - Glass Body
13 Reviews 4.7 of 5 Stars! Average Rating
Magic Ink Marker - Glass Body

by Mosher wyc -Read all my Reviews 12/07/2019
Pretty dope marker great for low pro hit ups.
Dark colors are best not too crazy about others!

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by GASP23 -Read all my Reviews 08/27/2019
I've tried every color except the pale orange, yellow ochre, and olive green.

These are great little markers, with a fairly large chisel tip in comparison to the size of the body. The nib is similar in size to a UNI PX-30, but the texture of the tip is close to the Pilot jumbo. They aren't fine points, but can still find good use on slaps and in blackbooks. On paper, they can blend pretty well due to their slower drying time, which is caused by the xylene ink base. The downside to this is that the ink can spread outward from where it is applied, making it less precise if applied heavily.

I find them a little awkard to hold, but they're also very cutty and easy to conceal.

The black is fairly fade resistant, but the other colors unfortunately are not. This is pretty much universal to dye inks, they all fade in the sun fairly quickly. I think they do better than OTR flowpen ink, though.

These markers are typical of Xylene based markers and inks in that they are smelly. You definitely want to have some ventilation when using them.

5/5, these are a great product, and while I have some criticisms, I find myself using them all the time. Definitely a must try.

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by NoNoNe ThE GoD -Read all my Reviews 07/13/2018
these things smell so good I got the black and love it very nostalgic feeling the glass bodies are sick and they write so smooth and you can tell the ink that it comes with is very high quality and these things write forever these are a classic

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by Dave77 -Read all my Reviews 05/06/2018
I bought a black one of these awhile back, when i first tried it out i was not a fan. The thing streaked like crazy so it ended up sitting on my desk looking neat. Recently i decided to take the thing out and see i i could get it writing well, i hit some signs and newspaper machines and then abused it a little on some raw wood, now this thing kills, its also perfect size to take everywhere! I think the nib was simply a little to stiff or dense out of the box to flow well so if you get a streaky one just work the nib a little and it might fix it. I was also a little worried about the glass body but ive dropped mine 10+ feet onto to concrete and the dam thing literally bounced and it didnt even chip the glass so i think these might be borosilicate glass (pyrex/pipe glass) Also the black magic ink plays nice with black pilot if you prefer that refill, but the marker will drip on the first couple tags if you really fill it good, mixing magic ink and pilot also seems to be a good way to stay nice and opaque and shiny and still give the buff man a bad day.

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by skunk3 -Read all my Reviews 03/18/2018
I have a brown one of these. I like the shape, I like the coolness of the glass body (even if I sometimes worry about breaking it), and the thing that I love most of all about these lil' dudes is that you never have to juice them or worry about drips. They just write and write and write. They also stain pretty well too for being an oil based formula. CONS: At $4 a pop they aren't cheap when you consider other options available... also they write fairly small lines so if you're trying to go big you might as well not bother. They also do have that classic "magic marker" smell to them so they aren't exactly best for trying to be sneaky. For what they are they are awesome, I just wish they were maybe a dollar less expensive and also as far as I know you can't find refills for these.

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by SHH! -Read all my Reviews 01/14/2018
These little bastards are the Bomb ! Pocket sized so you can sneak them in anywhere, I’m used to carrying around a 99 (another dope as f*ck old school marker you should check out here on AP) which is huge, but this little guy gets the job done no matter what, honestly I’d say cop the 8 marker set, AP has the best prices.

Honestly thank you guys for bringing these to the American market, I work for amazon and even with my discount you guys have it cheaper... (speaking of hit a homie up if you need a discount code GR, I’ll hook it up fat)

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars! [5 of 5 Stars!]

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