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Thursday - March 25, 2010 05:15:21 PM
Street Duster Modz

First the hard part. These markers have the valves hot glued on so be prepared to he-man it! I recommend Channel Locks with electrical tape wrapped around them. They are also made on the opposite side of the earth so everything is backwards here. I thought the old righty tighty, lefty loosey rule applied but it its the the other way around. DOH! I broke my first Street duster trying to loosen that damn thing. Little did I know I was just cranking it tighter until it cracked in half! Remember, counter clockwise to loosen my peeps!

Usually this is the hard part, but luckily its water based. So just pour out the stock ink and clean with water. Easy eh?

Now fill it with your favorite ink! I got a mix of Garvey and some super secret dye that I cooked up. Lets ee how it works...

I thought it was a smooth little marker. I definitely recommend this mod to anyone!

My man in the warehouse couldn't believe how tight it is now.

and the ladies said this is stupid silly. I couldn't agree more myself.

We have been bugging OTR to sell these empty. I really think they will be mad popular if they do. Feel free to email us if you agree, and I will gladly forward it. this might be one of your favorite all around markers if you do this mod.

Coming soon. How to make nibs for your Street Duster!

(4) comments
On Saturday - March 27, 2010 12:31:48 AM -- Cyber_sex wrote:
Damn ninja this mod I all ready did but I put Garvey and black label 2 ink from my boy at illadel you should carry that ink and yes to Otr selling them empty.So how's it going I haven't been reviewing your products lately. Peace(apreply) illawho? LOL! what up Cyber! welcome back
On Friday - April 2, 2010 06:22:49 PM -- LACAN wrote:
I've always done this with the duster. That's why the color doesn't matter when I order, I just wash it out right away. I always put pilot in there, (with a little acetone) for flavor.
On Tuesday - April 6, 2010 09:33:23 PM -- Tha Dirty Uncle wrote:
I BEEN doing this. I STILL have 2 FROM back when the showroom was in the original shop. BLAKA BLAKA.

But in all seriousness and egotistical facade aside, this a great marker when filled with something such as pilot or garvey.
On Sunday - July 11, 2010 05:22:43 PM -- smearone wrote:
so really how do you make those nibs for the duster ive just been cutting them out of the flowpen nibs(apreply) I forgot about that. Yeah you can just cut other nibs
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