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Wednesday - April 20, 2016 03:17:23 PM
NEO SCAE and SAVS interview

Where are you three guys from in New York aka The Mecca?

Savs: Bronx, New York
Scae: Queens, New York
Neo: Yonkers, New York

What do you write; Is there a story behind the name?

Savs: I write Savs, and I actually use to write Savior. Not really a story behind it.

Scae: I write Scae and there's not really a story to the name; besides when I came out there was a lot of people writing, and a lot of tags were taken three to four to five times. So I wanted to come up with something that nobody could come up with. Before I got into graffiti all I knew was skate boarding. Basically Scae is short for skating.

Neo: I write Neo and I started writing Neo in 1994, and I got into graffiti because my boy Trez 360 put me on and it's been that way ever since.

How long have you guys been writing for?

Savs: I started fucking around in 1990, I really didn't start getting serious though till 1993, 1994.

Scae: I came out really late. I came out when everyone was basically getting out of it right around 1991, 1992. But I was already "All City" within my first six months.

Neo: I caught my first tag in 1992. I really didn't start coming out all heavy until probably 1995, 1996.

What crews do you gentlemen run with or represent?

Savs: It's kinda funny that we are all three different bombers, from three different areas in New York, and we all have are own crews. Which is ironic I think because most people link us all together. I push a crew called DS- Don't Sleep, Don't Snitch, Dead Serious crew.

Scae: NRG is my crew but I try to always push other crews that I might be rolling with.

Neo: Most of the time I only push US- Usual Suspects. But like Scae said, I also have other painting buddies I go out with so you might see me repping KGK Crew, VOP, and FUH Crew.

How would you guys describe your style?

Savs: Well me pretty much; I don't know if we are talking about letter style but I'm just a straight up street bomber. I have never done a piece in my life. I'm not artistic as some people. But I still love graffiti and put my own spin on my graffitti.

Scae: I was never really into art, or could really draw or anything like that. I got my style because I wanted it to be legiable. It's a clean, boring style, and the neighborhood I was from definitely influenced my style.

Neo: I got a couple different throwie styles that I made my own. I can piece but it's not my thing really. I'm about that street shit. I like bombing, I like having to hide and all that, and I like the rush. I'm about getting my throwie up as much as possible.

What are your thoughts about the current graffiti scene in your area?

Savs: It really depends on how you look at it. I feel like every writer out their is on that Instagram thing. Not saying it's a good or bad because it did motivate a lot of writers to come back. As far as New York it reminds me back of the 90's. Everywhere is bombed. I think its good and there's a lot of young kids coming up doing their thing.

Scae: I love it! I think graffiti is fucking live right now. I think it's live in every direction. From the permissions, to the legal, to the piecing, to the underground. I think a lot of dudes from the 80's & 90's that killed shit are making comebacks because the scene is HOT! Not that we care if it's hot or not, but graffiti is hot right now.

Neo: The graffiti scene in my area? There is none, and I like it like that because it doesn't tempt me to go shit in my own backyard. I have to travel a couple hours just to get anything done. Now for World wide?.. I'm going to hop on to what Scae said. I think Instagram and all these social media sites that are supporting graffiti are a great thing. It's making graffiti real hot right now, but we are not trying to hop on some "Hot Train". We do this shit for us; ourselves. We are just glad we are apart of this movement.

What is graffiti about to you guys?

Savs: I just love it. Ever since I got my first marker, my first tag with paint, whatever...I just got a instant adrenaline rush from it, and as I became a adult I kinda put my graffiti on the back burner. But I'm back at it again. I just do it for the love and the rush.

Scae: I'm straight addicted. Bottom line. I think about it night and day. I have a complete passion for it, and it's a rush. It gets me high. It's very similar to that feeling you get when you have a orgasm with a girl with a really fat ass...Lol

Neo: It's a escape for me. Graffiti is my meditation. One thing I could always say about graffiti is that even though I have gotten caught up, caught cases, and went to jail, and all that other shit; It's been there for me in life like nothing else has. Like I could be having a bad day and go pick up a six pack of paint and go bombing, and it makes everything that might be fucked up go away. It's a release for me from my everyday world.

You three are known for "daytimes" and Neo you and Scae like to go BIG, Is there a reason you guys like to take it to that next level?

Savs: I'm not known to go big, but I'm definitely known for hitting them "hot spots" and as far for "day timing"; I do day spots a lot and if I'm going to paint, I'm going to do it. It doesn't matter where or when. As long as you got a good look out, shit most people are going to think you got permission. Bottom line you just got to be smart about it.

Scae: I was just raised with doing it big. People around me were known for going Top to Bottoms, so that's what I did. As for daytimes? I work at night so usually the only time I have to paint is during the day. It's not the easiest thing at times but when I want to paint... I'm going to fucking paint.

Neo: You know naturally I'm going to go big, I'm a big nigga. I'm 6'5, 270 lbs, and I'm certainly not going to do a little fill. lol. I mean I can but when I look back at those I'm not satisfied. When I came out with my boys and we went "All City", we said we were going to rock the fucking biggest fills out their, and we were going to make sure they were all solid fills. None of that dusty shit. So basically right off the bat I was known for big, solid fill-in, and that's never going to change. Day time bombing has to be calculated. it's not something everyone can do. You can't be at a wall looking over your shoulder all shook. There's a method.

A lot of these new school kids seem to not play by the Graff Rules, what are your guys thoughts on this?

Savs: I don't go over anybody, toy or not. I want my shit to run. Especially traveling in different cities and different countries. I want to go back in 3 to 4 years and still see my shit rocking. Even if you go over my shit, I'm going over you but by the rules.

Scae: I agree with Savs. I don't care who the fuck you are, the rules are the rules..Bottom line!

Neo: I like to play by the rules. But when I was going "All City", I did catch a lot of beef. I had a stupid attitude that I was going to go over whoever. That was some stupid young shit though. I'm no longer like that at all. I will not go over fill-ins or pieces or anything like that. But outlines and tags? I'm a fill-in guy and I do them big and solid, and if I go over your tag or outline somewhere and I like the spot; You're god damn right I'm going over your shit because that's the RULES.

What's your guys views on graffiti beef in the scene?

Savs: I think it can be good and bad. There's a lot of pussies out their that will go over someone but wont fight them and that's straight whack. I personally have no beef's with anyone but as far as I see it in the streets I think it's pretty whack if dudes going to go all over him but not have the balls to square up with him. Back in our day you had to fight. Win or lose.. you're fighting. But these younger kids now a days look at it differently. They go out and bang each other and then go squash it on Instagram or fucking Twitter or some bullshit like that...

Scae: I'm going to agree with Savs, graffiti beef has become a online thing. I caught a beating one year, and I'm talking a beating. Had to go to the hospital, had broken nose, broken arm; And I realized after that if I'm going to go over someone then I better be man enough or ready to fight that person. It's not like that anymore though, the times have changed. If you got beef with me?, fight me, and end the beef. Don't go and crawl under your fucking bed.

Neo: I agree with Scae. I think graffiti beef is so washed up. Everybody has a Instagram who's anybody and if you catch a beef with somebody it's too easy to hide behind the keyboard talking all this shit. And then you got all these " new jacks" and they are not about this life. When I grew up and there was a beef, we would go meet up with our bats and chains and fuck each other up. I think it's mad corny that now a days people do it, yet don't pursue it. People have died due to graff beef over some stupid shit. I don't support it or think it should be apart of the game.

If you could teach or tell the new generation of writers one thing of what would it be

Savs: The one thing.... Graffiti is not Instagram! I hate it. Take it for what it's worth but graffiti IS NOT INSTAGRAM!

Scae: Listen, they are out of shape, the police the one's that be looking to catch us. They are completely out of shape. So my advice to all ya'll: Get in fucking shape. Start training for graffiti. Seriously train yourself for it. Your bigger, stronger, and way faster. And when you see them.... RUN.. because they are not going to catch you.

Neo: Basically I'm going to say the samething, um you know doing graffiti is basically your in the Matrix and there's always going to be agents aka the cops. And if anyone is familiar with the movie, they tell you if you ever see agents you run and chances are that those fat mother fuckers aren't going to catch up with you. And stop with all the beefing and all the bullshit. I'm going to second the Instagram thing that Savs said. With the people taking different angles of their shit and reposting to prove yourself as a graffiti writer. Just stop that shit, it's ruining the graffiti game and real writers see through all that lame shit

-Interview by Kraks One

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