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Thursday - April 1, 2010 04:25:46 PM
The Mrs. Five Interview

What is your background prior to starting your clothing line?
Well I have been a graffiti writer for the last 13years and for the past 8 years I was also a hairstylist.

Did this lead you to begin Mrs. Five Clothing? How long have you been working on your clothing line?
In a way yes- I never really saw a girls’ graffiti clothing line growing up. I always had to buy small guys shirts and dry them on high to try and shrink them. I have been working on my clothing line for a little over two years.


We know you are awesome, but how did you hear of us?
Aww!! Thanks!! How could I not hear of you guys! Everyone knows about art primo!!
You carry a lot of our friends things and they told me my line would fit perfect!!

Where do you find inspiration and how to you incorporate this into your design process?
A lot of my designs are California , west coast based that pretty much just comes from being born and raised in L.A I really think that you should represent and be proud of where ever youre from! I just happen to be from Cali so my line a lot of times shows that! My other inspiration comes from my pure addiction to vandalism! But inside I am a true girly girl so I always have to incorporate that too!!

If you had to describe California to someone that had never been; what would you say?
Wow that’s totally easy!! It is the land of perfect weather... beautiful ladies.. lo los and palm trees… but dont be fooled we all arent inspiring actors/ or movie stars!!


There seems to be a sizable and steady movement coming from LA over these last years which influences the rest of the world; how does it feel to be a part of that movement and what does it mean to you?
I think theres a movement coming from cities across the US but to me LA defiantly has our own style! I absolutely love that people from all over the world really dig whats coming out of the city of angels! If I am apart of that movement in anyway I feel honored!!


I see you are an Art Fan of Los Angeles, do you do art yourself? What are some of your favorite mediums?
Like I said before I have been a graffiti writer for the last 13 years so to my favorite is spray paint and of course a clean fr8… I was lucky enough to be brought up on trains (thanks big5).

I saw a pic of your momma on your blog! We love our mommas here at Art Primo, how important is family to you?
I absolutely adore my momma!! She’s basically is a mom to anyone and everyone she meets!! I am Italian and I come from a huge family so needless to say I learned at a very young age that family is the most important thing…


What challenges do you have starting and maintaining an independent clothing line? What advice do you have for starting your own clothing line?
Honestly I for some reason thought it was going to be a lot easier than it is! The hardest and most annoying thing to deal with is flakey people…you defiantly can not make it in this industry if you go into it half hearted. The only advice I can give someone is never give up! If it is truly your dream dont let anyone tell you you cant make it! I am still learning as I am going!!

Do you feel your gender has been an asset?
Yes but only because I am doing a girls clothing line so I know first hand how picky us women can be!! It has to fit right, feel good and most importantly look good!!!


What projects do you have coming up for Summer 2010?
Well I just finished up 9 new designs that are in print as we speak so keep an eye out and stay tuned!! My next photo shoot is gonna be 70s Threes Company flavor with a graffiti twist!! I just want to thank all of the wonderful people in my life that are always going above and beyond for me!! Without them there would not be a Mrs. Five Clothing.


Where is the best place to find Mrs. Five Clothing and Graffiti Supplies??
Art primo of course!!! The best one stop shop for your every need!! Shout outs to everyone at ART PRIMO… some of the nicest realist people you’ll ever meet!!!


Interview By Dukie
(2) comments
On Wednesday - April 14, 2010 07:37:44 PM -- circ wrote:
WEST COAST yeahhhh - p.s the clothes are dope too haha
On Monday - July 26, 2010 04:06:55 PM -- ZonkOner wrote:
Just Like Graffiti Clothes Gotta Stay Fre$h 2 Death Y Cause Its 4rm Tha West Lol......But Seriously Tho Ima Born & Raised Dude 4rm LA So Ima Just Say Its Cool That A Ladii Graffer Is Doin Somethin Good......Owe Yeah L.A, Cali Stand Up
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