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Tuesday - March 22, 2016 12:02:33 PM
Where are you from?

Gold Coast, Australia

What do you write?


How long have you been on the graffiti scene?
Been painting since 1992

What crews do you run with?

No, not repping any crews.

How would you describe your style?

I have several styles. I first started painting traditional letters and then 3D letters. Along the way I mixed the two together, which now has evolved into a lot of bevel style lettering. I’ve kept true to my traditional letter shapes in my pieces.

What are your thoughts about the current graff scene in your area?

We have the world’s largest legal wall that attracts writers from all around the world and Australia. The quality of work is of a high standard and the scene thrives with plenty of inspiration from the variety of styles and infamous writer’s and surrounding attractions.

As a graffiti artist what are your thoughts on street art being considered the new wave of graffiti?

I’m a traditional graffiti artist in the sense, I strictly only paint freehand with spray cans. Never use paintbrushes, stencils, projector, airbrush as I was schooled up to see these as cheating the art form. Seeing these street artists who use these other media to produce murals I think separates them from Graffiti artists. Real and respected graffiti artists paint Illegally and have earned their stripes. There are too many trendy artists straight out of uni who pick up a spray can and do 1 legal wall and call themselves a street artist. On a positive note, the real graff artist now has more space to paint and avenues to make money.

What is graffiti all about to you?

Expressing myself and having fun painting my letters.

Do you think graffiti has reached its limits or do you think that new styles will keep arising?

Graffiti is and will forever evolve with the internet and social media so widely used to view graff, it helps expose the talents and styles like never before. Also, paint technology is evolving making it easier to develop can skills and the extensive colour ranges at our finger tips will help the next generation of artists push it to new levels.

What are some of the writers who inspired you?

Other than the NY pioneers, a lot of my early inspiration came from my area with writers such as Dvise, Skan, Exit, Seiz, Seiko, Blend, Bore and Smerk. Now days I am inspired and influenced by the writers I paint with Snarl, Dashe, Sbecky and Myer have rubbed off on my style.

When you go out on a mission do you like bombing alone or do you like having some partners in crime out with you?

Most missions I go on solo and have for most of my graff life. You know if there is a noise shits going down and it’s not your mate. When I paint commuters I usually paint with other writer’s though. The less people you are with the less noise, fumes and movement to attract unwanted attention.

You have any crazy stories you want to share?

Painting the front carriage drivers deck and a mate to the right painting the door to door section I was pumping my background out when the driver opens his door directly above me…Looking up I saw him launch a track rock at my head from less than a meter away, I looked down fortunately copping a huge track rock to the top of my head instantly saw stars and fell down semi unconscious and could feel more rocks hitting me and the ground around me. My mate who is huge was straight onto the driver and started yelling and launched a rock straight into him inside his cabin. He closed the door, my mate lifted me up and I tried to run, which didn’t work running myself straight into the ground. My mate picked me up, threw me over his shoulder with both kits of paint and ran out and up and over a huge fence back to our car. Didn’t go to hospital, as I knew they would be all over what had happened and had way too much heat on my name at the spot. Through a hood and shirt bally the rock had split my scalp right open blood dripping everywhere. The driver was lucky he didn’t kill me that night and lets say the following week at that exact time at the back jump the driver got a serious life lesson!!!I will always have the upmost respect for my mate who saved my life that night.

Have you ever been caught?

No. Never charged for graffiti.

What do u prefer to paint on... Walls, trains, permission walls.. etc
Trains are where my true passion is. Commuters preferably but lately I have been getting a lot of Freights done. Spending a bit more time in the yards to get a better result. My main memories of graff are from train missions. My area has a system of historic train tunnels, which are dope spots to paint with heavily textured walls and make an awesome flick

How did you develop such a flawless skill with cans... And what can we do to sharpen our skills?

Practice makes perfect they say. Push yourself and don’t be afraid to try new things.

What are your feelings about more experienced writers calling all the new kids on the block toys?

We all started somewhere at some point. I think the key message etiquette!

If you could teach or tell the new generation of writers one thing what would it be?
Respect and you will be respected. Let your work speak for itself.

Anything else u would like to add?......

Painting Trains is addictive.
Push yourself and don’t follow trends
View more of my work on Instagram @mrbasix

Interview by Kraks One
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