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Thursday - August 20, 2009 05:52:13 PM

(HK)First off, what you call yourself and what do you do?
SKRATCH: I write SCRATCH FOO!! You Should Know! I've been holding down Ballard, Crown Hill and Aurora longer than any of ya'll. I own it YO! So that’s what I do. If you up, I go over you. Simple as that.

(HK)How did you first get into buffing graffiti? And how long ago was that?
SKRATCH: Buffing? You trippin! Your punk ass is lucky we on the phone! Im the most up and got this area on lock and no mutha fucka is gonna have any shine. Get it Chump? Im Numba' one!

(HK)How many hours a week would you say that you cover up beautiful graffiti?
SKRATCH: You mean how many hours I cover your wack ass writes?? Well its every night! After all you toys fall asleep I'm out creepin and taking spots back. I dont give yall no releif. Im'a keep doing this till I die son! I will not stop.

(HK)Do you honestly believe that you are doing the world a favor by buffing graffiti?
SKRATCH: Are you stuplid? that aint Buff. Im just cappin' Its my style see?!? You know how fools used to do butter fills and nice hands. Now they be doing Scratch Fills and sloppy Writes. Im just taking it to anotha level son, I upped the ante.

(HK) You seem to have a very interesting style of buffing. Can you describe your buff style?
SKRATCH: Fool!!! they writes! I took Wickets and Scratch fills and stepped them up. its my style yo! You see it everywhere right? You know its me, Right? thats how I do. I get maximum ups with 1 can of Kills and one tall can of Rusto. Simple quick and effective

(HK)Is there competition in buffing? Do you get pissed off if someone buffs a tag before you?
SKRATCH: If anyone Goes over me they dead. If anyone buffs my writes they dead. If I see that anti-graff fool in the streets, I'll ice him! That chump shouldn’t be hangin’ round alleys anyways.

(HK)WOW! Have you ever considered killing yourself?
SKRATCH: What? How about I Kill you? Dont make me get dumb chump!!

(HK)Easy boss! Do you believe that a spray paint scribble looks better than the spray paint tag you were covering? I mean come on, that looks cancerous!
SKRATCH: It aint about looks, its about ups. If you want to hang with art fags and do group show thats fine with me. But if try to step to me on the streets the prepare to get hurt. this aint no pussy ass game, its real!

(HK)I see that you capped Chon and he came back and jacked your fill. Dont you find that to be ironic?
Skratch: Are you calling me an Iron? Im gonna get you bitch!

(HK)Woah Boss! just trying to get your story out. Tell me how did you miss that Scre?
Skratch: Your blowin' kid. Just know that im always creeping, that aint gonna ryde and and you aint either.

(HK)I see that someone has taken your style and added a colorful twist to it. In fact i would say he stepped up the game. What would you have to say about Colorspots?
Skratch: Look Colorspots is really killing it now no doubt. but check this, there would be no Colorspot if there was no Skratch. Never.

(HK)OKAY...Given that there are thousands of graffiti writers in every metropolis in America, do you ever feel out numbered?
SKRATCH: HAHAHAHAHA! Im a one man army. I dont need no back

(HK)Has anyone ever commented on your graffiti buffs? If so, what did they say?
SKRATCH:All right bitch this is done and so are you!!!

(HK)Uh, any parting words or shout outs?
SKRATCH:Look Ima gonna find you and your gonna feel pain got it? Your gonna regret this....As for shout outs just know if you have ever painted in Ballard you are a punk bitch and I will get you. And Im gonna keep going over anyone who dares to enter Ballard. So to all you lil tricks out there that think you can get over in here prepare for failing. This interview is done.

(11) comments
On Friday - August 21, 2009 09:23:53 AM -- wakeoner wrote:
that isnt a movement your imagination just isnt like the rest of the writers so you cover up what you cant write f*ck this guy and his scribbles
On Friday - August 21, 2009 09:54:00 AM -- DEMSONER wrote:
This guy thinks he's on some sh*t. but hes just an angry toy. graffiti is an art not wack scribbles!
On Friday - August 21, 2009 09:56:32 AM -- haha wrote:
CHON jacking his fill! good idea
On Friday - August 21, 2009 02:35:39 PM -- whodevil wrote:
Yo, I think this scratch kid is on to something, ya mark as b*tches betta ask some body.
On Friday - August 21, 2009 05:30:22 PM -- Anonymous wrote:
to the f*ck tard who said this punk @$$ kid is on to something....kill yourself. i work hard for my sh*t...i tell you now...sooner or later this dude would get it...even if it wasnt from me. your only asking for trouble, and the only game he has stepped up is his hate game. so remember that kids when you think its ok to diss others stuff cuz your mommie dosent love you and your daddy beats you.
On Saturday - August 22, 2009 04:55:09 PM -- Anonymous wrote:
ROFL, that sh*t was hilarious and all yall "real writers" getting butt hurt about a dick
On Monday - August 24, 2009 09:46:59 AM -- hands wrote:
haha good ol' b-town
On Thursday - August 27, 2009 05:06:03 PM -- Anonymous wrote:
LOL, I guess some people are too dumb to see a tongue and cheek post. YEAH INTERNETS FOR ARE SERIOUS BUSINESS! get yo head out yo ass.(apreply) what are you talking about I have death threats on me.
On Thursday - August 27, 2009 05:42:58 PM -- Anonymous wrote:
well if you have death threats that's some sh*tty sh*t e-thuggery, probably by some 15 year old that thinks he's an OG writer. :P

I have a man crush on you, art primo.
On Monday - October 5, 2009 07:04:27 PM -- someone wrote:
ive seen this fools scribbles, in the aurora area. hes not as "up" as he says he is either. anyway i think this might not even be a real interview and more of a joke from artprimo. cuz he sounds like he snorted 10 kilos of crack before the interview.
On Tuesday - October 18, 2011 06:52:31 PM -- SAP wrote:
HAHAHAHAHA! MAN SCRATCH IS FUNNY,HE SHOULD BE A COMEDIAN!-no but seriously i honesty think that that kid was beaten and mabe dropped a few times while he was a baby-and for the most part of it,it probily wasent even him-it's probily just a cover up by the AGS-look at this dumb @$$ kid trying to take credit for some ugly @$$ sh*t-something's really wrong with that kid-anyone have the mental house's number for that retard?
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