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Monday - July 11, 2011 11:14:33 AM
How To:: Refill a Jumbo/060 Style Marker

"Dear Art Primo,
I received order, but need to know how you place colors inside these plastic containers when the tops do not screw off.
Please advise."

This customer received one of these style markers but FILLED;
I understand hesitation when it comes to opening up an ink/paint marker to refill for the first time. If you still live at your mommas house and want to avoid a hot mess, having someone show you how to do the do BEFORE is certainly helpful.
Here is your step by step;


1. Here are all the components that make your marker work for you.
You have your nib, your valve, the plastic part that keeps it all together, the barrel that holds your ink, the balls and of course the lid.
Do not loose your balls.
I know you kids are really into not having them.... But really though, balls like in spray paint, help paint mixtures mix. If paint sits for any period of time you will have separation. Pigments settle to the bottom, clear stuff to the top.
Ever wonder why when you write with a paint marker it sometimes is clear and transparent and streaky? Yeah, that is cause you did NOT shake your balls to mix your paint. Balls are necessary. Balls are a must and you need to shake them every now and then... Balls, they work.


2. This thing is Action Valve, which means when you press down on it MORE PAINT COMES OUT!
This is good! This opens up the valve when pressed down to release the paint from the barrel and helps you get more paint into your nib. Very helpful.


This one was made with a blank sticker. I used some of the adhesion to stick it around itself.


4. See how easy this was? Avoid getting yelled at, having to clean up an impossible mess and hours of apologies that will go down if you do not take extra precautions.
Now reverse everything to close it back up and you got it!

This works with the Flowpen, the Molotow bodies, the pocket version of all of these and they mommas too.

.060 Marker - Empty

.060 Marker - Empty
The 060 On The Run Empty Jumbo Marker is the empty version of our ever-popular OTR Jumbo Paint Marker- think of it as a blank slate for your marking creativity! This marker comes with a replaceable chisel-tip pump action nib and is ready to be filled with your favorite dye based ink. ... More

   $5.49   .060 Marker - Empty

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