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The Art Primo Blog  
Wednesday - February 24, 2021 03:28:44 PM
Art Primo Female Cap Reviews
Green Ranger Presents...
Art Primo Female Cap Reviews

What's the difference between caps and valves?

a. Male Caps & Female Valves

The cap's stem inserts into the can's valve.

b. Female Caps & Male Valves

The can's stem inserts into the cap.

This means the can has a stem that protrudes from the valve system. The female cap fits over the stem to release more paint. Most US/ Domestic brands of paint now come with this valve system and do not have an option to switch out the stock cap that comes with it. Art Primo is happy to offer some options we have found that are the most compatible with these brands. As a general rule*, Rusto caps will only fit with Rusto brands and Valspar brands will fit with Valspar and some Krylon products.

*Disclaimer: This rule of thumb is subject to discrepencies within brands. We've done our best to find the best solutions for this inconsistancy. Give us a call, we're always happy to help (206) 365-4083

Here's a great resource that lists domestic brands of paint and the caps that are compatible with them;
Art Primo Female Caps Compatibility Chart

Shop for Art Primo Female Caps HERE!

Art Primo Precise Cap

Art Primo Precise Cap
The AP Precise Cap offers the thinnest line currently available with a female cap.

Please note: Although it appears similar to the stock cap on Rustoleum Painter's Touch, the effect is entirely different- don't be fooled! This cap performs on many spray paint cans ... More

Art Primo Precise Cap

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