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Tuesday - February 23, 2016 04:00:05 PM
COST XMEN Interview By Mikael Craks

Where are you from / What city are you holding down… Currently hailing from Fort Wayne, Indiana.. It's a decent sized city in between Chicago and Indianapolis. 

 What do you write / Is there a story behind the name... I write COST260... I experimented with several names as a youngster. COST just stuck with me. It flows and I like the balance of a four letter name. My alias is SORCE TK MOB. I still fuck with both names. 
How long have you been on the graffiti scene... I started writing on other people's property around 1991-'92... 
What krews do you run with... I currently represent The Xmen, SONS, IWE, KWS, TBC, DRUG CREW, UGN, ASK, and ZULU.
How would you describe your style... How would I describe my style? Hmm.. Classic wildstyle funk, wicked but legible, with proper flow. 

What are your thoughts about the current graff scene in your area code...Right now The Fortress (Fort Wayne) is currently trying to build. And by that I mean we are getting more permission walls and this conservative city is finally opening up to aerosol art. There's not a good bombing scene anymore. It's not like it was in the 90's. Only a few cats are getting up. There's a freight scene though. I've managed to keep painting through all the transitions. 
As a graffiti artist what are your thoughts on street art being considered the new wave of graffiti...Ugh.. The street art thing.. All I can say is I came up as a bomber and so I have those roots. I mostly paint legals now because I've earned it. The whole glossy street art thing is cool or whatever but in my mind it's separate from REAL GRAFFITI. Graffiti is "writing" which is Lettering. I've never been a fan of Banksy or any of those guys. But I don't knock it. I try not to politic about graff. I just like to do my thing. 
What is graffiti all about to you… To me Graff is about expressing yourself through a name. It starts with a simple marker tag and develops naturally over the years into something more. It's whatever you make it. I like to catch fame and catch spots and be able to look back and reflect and say "yup I did that" and I like to inspire others. I really dig the underground culture and the characters I've met along the way. 

Do you think graffiti has reached its limits.. or do you think that new styles will keep arising… When I think about the earliest days of graffiti I can't help but see how it's developed into more of an actual art form than people would have ever imagined. And with that being said graffiti is art in my opinion and art has no limits. I think new styles will develop and it will keep evolving. 
Who are some of the writers who inspired you... When I started writing there were only a few kids actually getting up in the Fort.. Cozy was a big influence on me. Him and Silk were getting up a lot around '90-'91.. I met those cats and it was on. I was addicted to bombing. Hazard UGN Inspired me to push farther... Who inspires me today? I'd have to say Bio, Can2, Xerox, Bates... I dunno basically anyone who is consistent, anyone with heart. 

When you go out on missions do you like bombing alone or do you like having a partner in crime out with you... Yeah a good partner is priceless when you're on the streets and on them rooftops for sure. Long as he or she has as much balls as brains if and when it comes down to interrogation. Haha 
Do you have any stories you would like to share when you were out painting... I have some good stories and I've been in some good chases. Too many to type. Those memories are best kept with those who were there along the way. 
Have you ever been caught... Yeah I was arrested 3 times for bombing. All before the age of 18. I've done some good time in juvenile lock up and was on house arrest for a grip. Did a ton of community service also. But it never stopped me. 
What do you prefer to paint on.. Walls, trains, permission walls, etc... I'm 36 now and I'm the sole provider to my 3 kids. I have a 15 yr old son and a 14 yr old daughter and a 10 yr old daughter. Without me they would be misplaced so I don't bother with a lot of bombing anymore. And I'm ok with that. I've been curating some legal spots and building my piecing skills and networking with other piecers. I've been bringing heads to Fort Wayne to rock productions. That's what I'm about nowadays. 

What are some of your favorite brand of cans, markers, mops, ink, and caps that you like to get down with... As far as supplies go, I'll work with any brand of paints, I grew up on Krylons.. But  I dig Montana 94, Belton, Flame Blue, Rusto, Yard Master, ect... I like Krink markers, molotows, them old Designs, Prismas... 
How did you develop such flawless skills w cans.... I wouldn't say my skill is flawless but I have been in the game for over 20 years. All I do is paint basically because I paint cars for a living.. With that comes can control I suppose. I get a lot of compliments on my fills and color selections.. Stay humble, keep painting. 
      Special Shouts to the homies Reck, Goya, Omen, Ren, Deal, Hazard, Xerox, Smog, Python, Reel, Zacto, Tatu, Rask, Boss, Pascal and Blen. 

-Mikael Cracks IG: @craksoner

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