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Monday - June 6, 2016 01:58:38 PM
BIP Interview

1.  You are notoriously adverse to interviews what made you decide to do one with us?

Art Primo has always been there for me. I don't know if you guys think about it much, but there are a lot of people out there that had an easier day because they didn't have to ride the bus to three different stores hunting down an uncommon cap. 

2. Without taking too much away from the mystery that is BiP, how did you get interested in street art and graffiti? Do you have a traditional graffiti background i.e.?

My best friend was a writer's writer in the dirtiest, most unapologetic way. I didn't understand it at the time, but looking back, no single person had a greater impact on my life. He showed me the joy.

3. I probably don't have the vocabulary to verbalize the gist of what I am getting at, but I feel like you using crowdfunding to fund a graffiti trip is in and of itself almost an artistic statement, similar in the way that Katsu BTM uses things like drones and other tech stuff with his graffiti. When you chose to do this were you also making a statement about technology in addition to funding your trip? 

I get what you're getting at. I wish I could take credit for that development, but it was just desperation. The first time I crowd-funded, it was because I couldn't afford a lawyer and the court-appointed one told me if I planned to keep painting, he wouldn't push for a Nolle. Afterward I put two and two together and realized that the public can legally fund anything they realize is good for them, whether it's your lawyer or it's an international trip or a mural for the community, etc. The public can rewire the system any time using their money. As long as you pay taxes, no one has the legal authority to keep the public from investing in you. 

4. What made you decide to go to Siberia out of everywhere in the world?

I'm less interested in going to graffiti capitals and and more interested in scouting new areas. I think a lot of that has to do with the acceptance that I'm not part of the "Golden Age". I feel like in my shoes it's better to risk something new than emulate something that isn't genuine to my life. Last year, I came across an old CODE RED from Russia, and it was page after page of the most technical looking pieces in full color, a lot from Siberia. My head exploded and for a few days I was sleepless trying to reverse engineer all the styles and concepts. Eventually I realized that I had to go find these guys and paint with them. People like LST, Yuri Averin, SY, Brainmash, Kravchenko Nikita, 1Rone, Taknado, etc. they're really onto something. I think maybe even they don't recognize what that is or what that meant to someone like me.

5. What kind of advice do you want to give to the aspiring young artists out there?

I don't know that I'd ever give advice to other people, I'm just out here doing the best I can to make real stuff....I see a lot of other people doing that too, and that's cool to me. Thanks for having me on the blog.

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