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Wednesday - July 1, 2015 11:09:14 AM

So like, the NY fat is the OG of OG's when it comes to fat caps. It's versatile with the style, and has been for a while. Maybe you were curious how this classic works on some of our newest spray, maybe you weren't, tough titty, I'm finna show you foos anyway.Peep game.

I started it off on a red can of Flame Blue and did some stars and stuff. Cause you know, stars are hella important if you want to be a competent graffitist, ya dig. The star came out hella sick. I was stoked on it, you will be too, unless your not, and if your not, that's cool, it just means you need to practice more. Make sure you shake the can a ton, cause if you don't shake it enough, it'll spit out paint like silly string and prolly clog your cap, and thats on you, not me.

To get some Bill Nye scientific type comparison going, I tested the NY Fat out on a black can of Flame Orange as well. I did some stars and test sprays so I could give you guys the low down on how they worked. It may have been my imagination but it felt like I had better control and consistency with the NY fat on the can of Flame Blue. It worked well on the Flame Orange, but it wasnt quite as crispy.

I got bored with doing stars and test sprays. So I did some tags. Again I felt like I had better control with the Flame Blue. But they both did the trick.

Now I had a board covered in tags, stars, and test sprays, and I wasn't feeling that. So I decided I better do a baby fill-in on the board, just to make sure the NY Fat did what it's supposed to, fill in. Remember how I said I felt like I had less control with the Flame Orange whilst doing tags and stars? Yeah, that doesn't apply here, the NY Fat works great on the Flame Orange when your doing fill-ins, hella proper.

The reason I say the cap is so versatile, is cause you can use it to outline as well as fill-in. Two birds, one stone. Wham, bam, thank you ma'am. Plus you can do the cool flare-y tags and impress all your friends and get all the ladies (or boys, I'm not like a sexist or a bigot or nothing, chill).So whether your new to the game with no brains, or an OG taking flights to get trains, the NY Fat is off the chain. Art Primo stamp of approval, still our favorite cap.-Joe

New York Fatcap

New York Fatcap
The NY Fat is a classic spray paint cap that creates clean lines and an even circular spray. Great for medium to fat line-work, this cap is our all time best seller. Use your NY Fat with Flame, Molotow, Montana, Ironlak and many more brands. Highly Recommended by AP Staff and clients a ... More

New York Fatcap

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