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Monday - February 18, 2019 02:59:26 PM
Must Know Watercolor Tips for Beginners
The first step in watercolor (as with any art form) is to choose a subject. Stilllifes and nature scenes are particularly nice to watercolor and painting from a photograph rather than from life simplifies things for the beginning artist. Once you have decided upon a subject for your painting, lightly pencil in a sketch to guide you in placing colors. Next, mix the colors you plan to use and follow the tips and tricks below:

1. In watercolor, layer paint from light to dark rather than dark to light. This may seem counterintuitive, but when painting with watercolor, begin with a sheer application of the lightest base colors before adding richer colors on top to build depth. In your finished piece, the points of light should come from the paper shining through layers of sheer color.

2. Use quality paper. Speaking of paper creating whites in watercolor, consider the brightness and thickness of your paper before starting a piece. Brighter papers will add brilliance to the colors placed on top. Try warm toned paper to lend paintings a glow of cozy light. The weight of paper matters, too: thicker paper is more absorbent which is especially helpful for watercolor beginners who have not yet perfected their techniques for water usage which neatly brings us to our next tip...

3. Don't use too much water! It's tempting to oversaturate your brush with water, but an excess of moisture will cause even the thickest paper to warp and colors to bleed. One way to easily control the water is to use refillable brush pens! These hollow pens are designed to be filled with water and squeezed to disperse the water and paint onto the paper. A brush pen gives excellent control. Most brush pens also offer durable synthetic tips which are helpful because the rough texture of watercolor paper can damage natural bristles and change the shape of the head. This is why experienced artists know...

4. Always paint with the sides of the brush gliding across the paper. This will extend the life of your brush. Painting with the sides of the brush helps the paint to flow and blend with soft edges to create watercolor's signature dreamy effect.

Finally, when painting with watercolor it is essential to...
5. Relax and enjoy the process! Let the paint and water move together organically and don't worry about perfection. Allow colors to blend and your brush to move freely. Take time to relish the experience of learning a new discipline and give yourself a pat on the back for trying something new.

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