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Tuesday - May 26, 2015 09:04:55 PM
Molotow x Fino (Berlin)

From the Molotow website:

We had a great time with FINO and discussed for hours talking about Graffiti, Spraypaint or the good old days in Berlin, here is a short excerpt of our conversation with him:

It´s a pleasure to have you here FINO, what´s your opinion on the MOLOTOW TRAIN?

Well, it´s a great car. I really like the look of the train and also the interior, very original! With all these old DB tools still inside there. I really enjoyed sketching my car in the train car on that Mini Cartoon Train, great.

What makes the decision on the Concept and the idea behind your artwork?

I´m not the one who makes a lot of sketches beforehand, i paint a train like a train requests to be painted. It´s not a wall, it´s a train. And that´s how I painted the MOLOTOW Train. Of course i could do a lot of additional details, colors, psycho fadings and so on, but that´s not me. I´m FINO, and and i came here as the one I´am since 1991. Everyone, who knows my way to paint trains and see them running, recognize that I painted the train exactly the way i paint my stuff in Berlin. I wanted to keep my MOLOTOW Train original, regarding Style and Colors. And I think that´s done nicely, I´m very satisfied with the result.

Yes, we too! What´s the meaning behind these two characters on the right and left of the FINO Style?

FINO is one of a few artists in Berlin, still left painting the original style influenced by New York City. I felt in love with DONDI, SEEN or LEE Trains in the early ninetees. On the MOLOTOW Train I painted a FINO Style with two spraycan characters on both sides to round it up. On the left the MOLOTOW PREMIUM Spraycan, to represent the present quality of MOLOTOW. On the right the BELTON RAL Spraycan, as an hommage to the good old way to paint in Berlin before 1996. I started painting in 1991, in that time BELTON RAL Spraycans where the only chance to get your hands on quality spraypaint. Everyone knows and remember the colors SAMTLILA or OSTERGELB. Real Superstar Colors back then. But the real revolution started with the launch of the MOLOTOW PREMIUM in the mid ninetees. It was so good to enjoy full coverage, brilliant colors and quality within difficult circumstances. Since that time i constantly used and still use MOLOTOW PREMIUM for almost everything i paint. You have to know, that MOLOTOW for me is not just a company. I grew up with that paint, it´s part of my life. That´s one of the main reasons why I took the chance and painted the train. To say thank you and meet up finally.

A really nice bonus was, that Lightbrush Photographer Florian Krause ( stopped by to shoot the result, it was amazing to see how he light up details with his technique. Super great!

If you want to get regular updates on FINO´s work please check

Watch out for the new Postercollection with this MOLOTOW Train over at our Onlineshop

Video/Fotos: Red Tower Films
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