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Thursday - October 31, 2019 12:37:27 PM
Art Primo Interview: VAYNE


Art Primo Interview: VAYNE | Interview by attng3tr

Fast 5...Ready? GO!

  1. Name: Vayne
  2. City: Atlanta
  3. Crews: UTL and HD
  4. Years sprayin: 8
  5. Go to Cap: Stock Tip (WHAAAT?!)


Let's take it back, back to the beginning. You have a pretty interesting story on how you were influenced to do graffiti. Can you tell me about it?

Sure, when I was younger I looked up to Jelzo117. We grew up together and we were both from the burbs. One day I came across him painting the ground with these bubble letters in an abandoned cul-de-sac. I was in awe like "holy shit that's graffiti"! When I saw him do it in front of me, I knew I wanted to do it too! I ran out and spent $100 on paint to go and do the same thing.


In a short time, I've seen your streetsides and gallery work progress ten fold. Both are so clean and on point. What's been the key to that progression? You are a great example of staying true to not only yourself but also the game. By demonstrating you can focus and be consistent with the work you put in without the additives.

I just want to be the best I can. I made some lifestyle changes about a year and a half ago. At the time, I couldn't sleep. So I would go out and paint every night, it then became a habit. In the past year, I've only taken 1-2 days off. I paint everyday! I don't want a normal job, I want to live off my art. In order to so, I need to be consistent.


I've seen you paint with Seimr a lot. How did you guys link?

He was the same gen of writers coming up in the city. He painted with the UTL guys before me and we just clicked when I got put down in the crew. We are like minded about getting up. We are also friends outside of graffiti. Our gfs get along and we like to annoy each other, not enough to make one of us mad at each other, but friend shit...ha ha!


Speaking of UTL, what's the difference between them and HD?

HD is an older crew been, they've been around longer. They are Texas based, and are more established doing freights. They are more of a family. Where UTL is a younger crew. They are based in Atlanta and we try to reach out to paint with other writers. UTL is more of a younger group of writers and are recognized more as bombers. There about 5-6 of us that go hard and paint every day.


Seems like you have the ATL on lock. Are there any walls left? HA!

Ya I have a couple of untouched yards with virgin concrete. There's spots left you just gotta hunt for em! I started doin stacker spots; where I paint a piece on the bottom and a roller up top. There's this bridge I did with 10-11 straight letters across it. Took me about 2 ½-3 hours to do. Jus started to paint as soon as it got dark.


Where do you find the motivation to hit spots every night?

One of my fav things about graff is bombin. I'll plan out these crazy spots and drive by them so I can line em up. I could do up to 4 a night. I always have my notes. I'll write down spots by category: rollers, pieces, etc. When I got sober, I attacked that list. I ended up finishing them all within 2 months. And of course hitting a few extras along the way.


You and your gf have been to some really interesting remote spots. What's one of your favorites? And what memories do you have from there?

There's so many.... she loves to find bandos, we went exploring everyday in the city. ATL has lots of bandos...we found this untouched school and the gym had a gray pitbull inside. The next time I brought treats and it ran away. We came back the 3rd time and the dog never came back. I filled the entire gym! I painted every inch of it, from top to bottom. It ended up being an 8 month project. And my gf filmed the whole thing and is planning on releasing a video of it soon.


How exactly did you fill and entire gym by YOURSELF?!

I did 20-30 pieces, 8-10 rollers, 30 throws and about 100 tags.


Man we'll be on the lookout for that video release! This past summer you participated in the Kansas City Masterpiece. Will we be seeing you at more events like this?

I'd love to be a part of them. I don't reach out that much, but if you want me there hmu!


Tell us more about this Cat Creative Gallery. You've been a part of some killer lineups. How did you get involved with them?

I was painting some graffiti murals down the street for my street art/pop art friend. We just started talking and he offered me a space inside. We ended up doing back to back shows that brought in artwork from artists all over the US as well as a few contributing artists from outside the states. We worked there everyday was like a regular job, it was fun making art everyday! I don't think people should sell graffiti if they aren't active in the streets...if you don't bomb why
are you selling graff?


By having the show, and continuing to do street spots, weren’t you worried about someone recognizing you?

Fuck ya!! Everyday!!! Cops would walk in off the street, “I’m like man I’m gonna get popped here…”, "I better head home!”. I never made myself feel too comfortable in the gallery. I would tell myself, "this is so dumb!!"

When your not creating, what is Vayne most likely to be doing?

Watching TV with my feet on the couch making fun of my gf while petting my dog. Traveling with my gf or doing odd to make money. When I'm not doing art to make money I need to rest. I'm doing nothin!!

A bit cliche but always good to hear different peoples' perspectives. For aspiring writers, what is one useful piece of advice you can pass on to them?

  1. Always use exterior bucket paint when buffing a wall. If you use interior paint, it will ruin the wall for decades.
  2. And just go paint, it!! Paint everything!!!

Any shoutouts?

I want to shout out my UTL Boys and HD Family! Their everything to me, to my gf for supporting my crazy life and pushing me. She wants me to be the best at what I love and I can’t be mad at that!

Interview by attng3tr

I’d like to thank Vayne for taking the time out from your current wall (lol) and giving us some insight to Vaynes’ World.

Also, thanks to @kayziea for contributing flics of Vaynes’ work

Check out Vayne on IG @paintbuckitz

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