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The Art Primo Blog  
Friday - November 22, 2019 02:37:02 PM
Art Primo Interview: BUGE


Art Primo Interview: BUGE | Interview by attng3tr

Fast 5...Ready? GO!

  1. Name: Buge
  2. City: Los Angeles
  3. Crews: BAMC
  4. Years sprayin: 7 years
  5. Go to Cap: Boston


Why Buge? Is there any significance to your name?

Buge just came from picking out letters I liked. It has no real meaning. The more work I with it, the more
definition I create.


If you could have a fresh start, what would you do beginning?

If I could go back, I would have started with the style I have now or the knowledge I have of painting the
streets. I was traveling to other cities at the time and feel with the spot selection I have now, I would
have had more spots running outside of LA. One thing I would love to go back and do is paint more with
my boy Mort (BNW WUC). That dude taught me a lot. Also my boy Dvious. We had plans to do a lot of
projects together.

Fast forward to now, how does that one thing change your current work?

It wouldn't have changed much, other than creating more memories.


You can paint any spot, but you gravitate towards ones that are incredibly dangerous. Where did this
mindset come from? Do you ever think about the risk involved? Or did you wake up one day and boom
it hit you?

I’ve always been fascinated by the spots I paint. There are some I’m scared to paint, due to my fear of
heights. It wasn’t easy. It’s something I’m still scared of and all the risks it comes with. Like losing my
freedom or truly getting hurt .


I find it interesting that you've mentioned you don't like heights. So why all the freeway overpasses and

It all started with Aidz when he was dating a friend of mine. I seen them hit a spot and I told them why
are you only doing bombs and tags? He didn’t say it in a mean way more in a joking way " It’s not like
you could do more up there. You aren’t about that sketchy life". So I went up during the day while they
went at night. Right on the spot and did a bomb up there to prove I was about it . One thing lead to
another and here I am now. Believe me it ain’t easy being up there. I know I make it look easy. So many
things are flying through your head. You are at a constant war with yourself up there. It’s like swimming
with sharks and feeding them. Your brain being the shark and the thoughts feeding them. You start to
believe anything. But really… It’s all about you being in control and realizing it’s all in your head. My spots started getting crazier and crazier. As the usual ones I was doing weren’t as challenging and not
feeding my thrill. And at this point, if a spot won't kill me or its not something new, I won't paint it. I
want nothing to do with it.


The spots you paint are ones that don't allow you to step back to take a look at where you’re at on your
letters. You really haveta have your letters down. How long did it take to get your style/letters down?

I don’t think my style is where I want it to be yet. It’s still a work in progress. I guess you can say I will
never get comfortable with them. It’s not that I've got them down. It’s just.. I’m not afraid to make any
mistakes. If I mess up I mess up. A good friend of mine once told me, “If you go with an expectation and
fail, then you fail. But if don’t go with one. No matter what you do, there is no such thing as failing
because you never went with an expectation in the first place.” Thank you Augor! That truly helped a

Do you have a favorite spot?

I don't have a favorite. It depends what I’m in the mood for or what catches my attention.


Let's talk about AC for a moment…she's with you on a buncha missions. How did you get so lucky to link
with one of best photographers in LA?

AC AC AC AC…. hahahahah oh man can we sit here and talk about her for days. Those that know her know her. That’s one loyal friend right there without a doubt. That’s one of my best friends right there. We just do our thing. We’ve been through a lot together. She’s seen me grow as individual/
writer/artist/ physically/mentally/spiritually. Before I went out with her for the first time, she use to bench street stuff. The way she would flick the spots and it’s surroundings was incredible. No one could relate. From the beginning, I could see the potential she had. I knew I needed to link up with her in order to capture the photos that I’ve been wanting to take for the longest time. So I hit her up through IG. One thing led to another and we’ve been friends for the past 6 years. And you are right, she is one of LA’s best street photographers.


Is there an advantage or disadvantage to going out on solo missions?

There are advantages & disadvantages of going solo. Advantage is that you don’t have to deal with them slowing you down from getting done what needs to get done. But then again, it’s always great to have another set of hands. Also when your with someone else, your creating memories with that individual. They can give feed back or you might learn a thing or two.

Interview by @attng3tr
I’d like to thank Buge for taking the time out of his busy schedule to give us some insight on how he
holds it down in the City of Angels!

If you wanna see more from Buge, check em out on IG @proud_problem_

Photos by:
AC @ac___in___ca
Ali Casey @sofaking_818

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