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FLAME Orange to PANTONE Colors Conversion Guide
Flame Blue Spray Paint
Flame Blue Spray Paint Flame Blue Spray Paint More Info About Flame Blue Spray Paint
PANTONE Color Name Group # Art NO.
PANTONE 108c FO-102 Zinc Yellow 1 558.002
PANTONE 116c FO-106 Signal Yellow NEW 558.004
PANTONE 1355c FO-110 Melon Yellow 558.006
PANTONE 1235c Fo-111 Melon Dark NEW 558.005
PANTONE 1495c FO-202 Pastel Orange 2 558.018
PANTONE 165c FO-212 Orange NEW 558.023
PANTONE 179c FO-214 Red Orange NEW 558.024
PANTONE 186c FO-304 Signal Red 3 558.027
PANTONE 1807c FO-206 Ruby Red NEW 558.028
PANTONE 491c FO-322 Aubergine NEW 558.036
PANTONE 712c FO-208 Skin NEW 4 558.021
PANTONE 713c FO-200 Peach NEW 557.027
PANTONE 183c FO-308 Piglet Pink Light 5 558.029
PANTONE 1777c FO-310 Piglet Pink NEW 558.030
UNKNOWN FO-311 Crazy Cherry NEW 558.032
UNKNOWN FO-313 Cherry Dark NEW 558.033
NA FO-396 Violet NEW 6 558.020
NA FO-397 Crazy Violet NEW 557.037
NA FO-398 Deep Violet NEW 558.026
NA FO-399 Erica Violet Light NEW 558.035
NA FO-400 Erica Violet NEW 558.037
PANTONE 225c FO-402 Telemagenta NEW 557.038
PANTONE 689c FO-418 Traffic Purple NEW 7 557.034
PANTONE 2577c FO-408 Grape 558.041
PANTONE 269c FO-410 Blackberry 558.042
PANTONE 7447c FO-412 Currant 558.043
PANTONE 7446c FO-416 Viola Light NEW 8 558.045
PANTONE 7525c FB418 Viola 558.046
PANTONE 7452c FB418 Viola Dark 558.047
PANTONE 163c FO-424 Cosmos Blue Light NEW 9 558.049
PANTONE 2728c FO-426 Cosmos Blue NEW 558.050
PANTONE 2765c FO458 Cosmos Blue Dark NEW 558.051
PANTONE 345c FO-504 Light Blue Light NEW 558.054
NA FO-508 Light Blue NEW 558.056
PANTONE 285c Fo-510 Sky Blue 558.057
PANTONE 286c FO-512 Signal Blue NEW 558.058
PANTONE 661c FO-514 True Blue 558.059
NA FO-515 Ultramarine 558.055
PANTONE 2767c FO-522 Sapphire Blue 558.063
PANTONE 304 FO-614 Aqua Pastel NEW 10 558.083
PANTONE 631c FO-616 Aqua Light 558.084
PANTONE 315c FO-618 Aqua 558.085
PANTONE 3242c FO-602 Riviera 11 558.077
NA FO-601 Crazy Riviera NEW 558.075
PANTONE 3265c FO-604 Lagoon Blue 558.078
PANTONE 327 FB606 Ocean Blue NEW 558.079
PANTONE 351c FO-664 Menthol Light NEW 558.108
PANTONE 3385c FO-666 Menthol NEW 558.109
PANTONE 343c FO-668 Crazy Menthol NEW 558.110
PANTONE 340c FO-672 Turquoise NEW 558.112
NA FO-622 Mustard Light NEW 12 558.122
NA FO-623 Crazy Green NEW 13 558.115
PANTONE 396c FO-624 Pistachio Light NEW 558.088
NA FO-627 Crazy Grass NEW 558.121
PANTONE 376c FO-628 Grass Green NEW 558.090
NA FO-629 Juice Green NEW 14 558.629
PANTONE 364c FO-632 Leaf Green 15 558.092
PANTONE 349 FO-636 Fir Green 558.094
PANTONE 382c FO-640 Kiwi Light NEW 16 558.096
PANTONE 368c FO-642 Kiwi 558.097
PANTONE 370c FO-644 Kiwi DarkNEW 558.098
PANTONE 721c FO-704 Beige Brown NEW 558.117
PANTONE 723c FO-706 Ocher NEW 17 558.118
PANTONE 168c FO-708 Nut NEW 558.119
PANTONE 7502c FO-732 Grey Beige Light NEW 18 558.131
PANTONE 466c FO-734 Grey Beige NEW 558.132
PANTONE 7505c FO-736 Khaki Grey NEW 558.133
PANTONE CoolGrey2C FO-834 Light Grey Neutral NEW 19 558.152
PANTONE 429c FO-836 Middle Grey Neutral 558.153
PANTONE 423c FO-840 Dark Grey Neutral 558.155
PANTONE 7540c FO-844 Anthracite Grey NEW 558.157
PANTONE 426c FO-904 Deep Black 558.161
Bright White FO-900 Pure White 558.159