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About Spray Paint Pressure

About Spray Paint Pressure

One of the biggest and most noticeable differences between spray paint lines is the pressure of the paint. What spray paint pressure translates into is output volume. If you think about output volume in terms of a water hose, it can be like the difference between a garden hose and a fire hose. Some spray paint lines are meant for detail work and have very low output. While other paint lines are meant for covering large areas quickly, thus they have high output. Knowing the difference between spray paint pressure can help you choose the right paint for your application.

This guide is meant to help you understand the difference between spray paint pressure and how it can work for you. Each pressure type is described here along with helpful information about it's best uses. Whether you are just starting out with spray paint, or you have many years of experience, this guide should help you better understand the pressure within the paint lines we offer.

Low Pressure Spray Paint


Low pressure spray paint is the best thing to happen to spray paint since it was first introduced. If you are into detailed work, portraits, piecing and murals, you will want some low pressure spray paint. This type of pressure is the most forgiving in terms of clean lines and drips. Being that the paint has lower output, at any given moment, there is less volume coming out of the can. This translates into the highest level of control over your spray paint. More things are possible with low pressure paint. Thinner and cleaner lines can be made. Furthermore, there is a big difference between the pressure of a low pressure spray can and that of your typical domestic hardware store can. If you have never tried low pressure paint, we would highly recommend trying some.
Medium-Low Pressure Spray Paint


Medium Low Pressure spray paint has slightly higher output than low pressure spray paint. With this type of pressure, you still have a good amount of control, but you can paint a little quicker. Thin, clean lines are still possible. The major advantage of this type of pressure is that you have more control and less pressure than that of a medium-high or high pressure spray paint can. Some details are still possible, but it might have a little more overspray than a low pressure option.
Medium-High Pressure Spray Paint


Medium high pressure spray paint is what most domestic spray paint brands can be described as. If you are trying to do some detailed work, a good amount of technique or can control is necessary to achieve descent results with this type of paint pressure. Medium-high pressure is a good choice for anyone who wants to paint something quickly and with good coverage. This type of pressure is good to paint something that is sizable. For those interested in murals or piecing, this paint is a great option for background colors and fill colors. Especially because these types of paints tend to be more cost effective. You can use this type of paint in combination with a low pressure paint to save money and paint quicker. Use a low pressure paint to clean up any rough edges or to outline with.
High Pressure Spray Paint


High pressure spray paint has the highest output volume compared to other spray paint lines. This type of paint is excellent for painting large areas very quickly. If you have a large mural, or you want to paint a large section with one color, high pressure spray paint could save you time and money. Although it is possible to achieve detail with this paint type, it does require some experience. If your painting style is quick and big, this paint is for you.