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New York Fatcap Questions And Answers
Question: Yo AP im a bomber but with markers/mops.. But im gettin into cans now nd which one is it again, all male caps work on any/most graffiti brand cans or is it female
Answer: (AP Reply) New York Fat is going to be the most universal of the Male Caps. This is typically what all Euro paint will need since they are Female Cans.
Question: Had 3 cans of mtn hardcore 2s leak with these? Any reason why?
Answer: (AP Reply) NYFs should work on these cans so its not a compatibility issue. I have heard of some of the first batch HC2s having leaking valves so that might be the case. You could also try a Rusto Fat. They have a thicker stem.
Question: Yo AP, what is the back story with this cap? I've heard that this cap is a Montana brand cap. I've heard this cap has been around since the 80's. I've heard that these caps, and the NY rusto & NY thins are made in the USA. Blah blah blah... can you give us a history lesson on this cap, and clear up rumors?
Answer: (AP Reply) Its definitely not a Montana branded cap. Unlike the dot style, they are from the US. Wont tell where from, sorry...

I remember racking them off glass cleaner when I was a kid (late 80s) and they were definitely around before that. I'd say people were using them well into the 70s.

We used to get Rustos off of oven cleaner and spray adhesive. NYOs (phantoms) came off of the mini cans from the hobby shop, like Testors and Tamiya paints.
  (Calmer Says:) Yup,. early 90s going into Costco's for sprayway glass cleaner tips .., and 99cent stores in Calif had the Powerhouse oven cleaner for huge fat caps.. not anymore on either brand.. and at craft stores the "model soraypaint" cans for the "testor" tips.. thin / small flares. .. Now adays I'm not sure where to get tip really except for "crystal clear krylon" tips. . (testor type)
Question: When's the re-stock?
Answer: (AP Reply) no timetable
Question: Why can I only purchase 50 at a time? What happened to the 100 pack and the 1000 pack?
Answer: (AP Reply) out of stock
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New York Fatcap
New York Fatcap