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Transparent Clear Gloss 314 Questions And Answers
Question: AP! Is this all weather too???
Answer: (AP Reply) Yes. This is a clear lacquer based sealant.
Question: How many coats for maximum durability on this? On my steel bike frame I plan on using Rustoleum metal primer, wet sand, Belton premium base 3 coats, last I want to use this gloss but how many coats? Can I sand this and polish it?
Answer: (AP Reply) 3 coats of clear will do. And yes you can.
Question: Will this yellow in direct sunlight - UV properties ???
Question: I know i should use the same brand but is spraymax 2k better than this? (I want to use it on plastic)
Answer: (AP Reply) Yes it will work, but its mostly for advanced/automotive uses. So be sure to read up on 2k coatings before purchasing. That said its the best clear coat you can get in a can.
Question: yo AP! what is this for? to make my bombs all shinny and sh*t?
Answer: (AP Reply) LOL! best question ever. Its a clear coat dawwwg. Its for whatever needs a clear coating after you paint it. Like your bike, chair, lawn mower, ceramic phallus sculpture, refrigerator, your little brothers hair. Sure you can gloss up your piece. why not homie, do that thang.
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Transparent Clear Gloss 314
Transparent Clear Gloss 314