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AP Softie Fat Black Questions And Answers
Question: Will these work white label rusto that have the narrower valve stem??
Answer: (AP Reply) Yessir!
Question: Whats the diference ap softy fat white and ap softy fat white, is it just color or what?
Answer: (AP Reply) Mostly the color. Just like the Black Dots and the MSS cap. Comes out of the same exact mold but people swear one is better than the other.
  (nobody Says:) can't find an ap softie fat white in the snow.
Question: do these caps work on the regular rusto?
Answer: (AP Reply) They do on the ones I get at HD here in Seattle. YMMV
Question: hey, long question here, are these by any chance identical to those caps off pam cooking spray? they kinda look like them, and from my personal experience, every different cap had it's own inconsistent but unique pattern, unreliable to find a cap that sprays the same, one might be 4 fingers, while one might be a 2 finger close up and 6 away, all fat, but you always had to waist paint figuring out how the hell they spray
same caps from PAM?
PAM spray tips are kinda gay
Answer: (AP Reply) Sry bro I haven't picked a cap off random can in years. Someone else will have to answer that.
  (terrorizer Says:) they are not the same as pam caps, they look similar though.

pam caps fit valspar sized stems. these bad boys fit rusto and 2x, and they are dope as faack. nice and low pressure with a nice fat spray...well medium spray if your used to using mega caps like the pink dots or astro fats ect. but compared to rusto, the spray pattern is fat.

go buy a ten pack and try em out.

i use them for piecing with rusto all the time. matter of fact, it would suck to forget these at home if i was going to do a piece with rusto.

do yourself a favor and try em.
  (derrderr420 Says:) Not every PAM cap sprays the same, you gotta test them to find the buttery ones
  (Anonymous Says:) There the same as the pam caps, the pam ones work mad good.
Question: can we get a video on these?
Answer: (AP Reply) soon my pet.
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AP Softie Fat Black
AP Softie Fat Black