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Pink Dots Questions And Answers
Question: whats better for bombing this or the clash fat cap
  (NoNoNe ThE GoD Says:) that is subjective neither is better or worse it would be a matter of preferencethat is subjective neither is better or worse it would be a matter of preference
Question: can you spray ceilings with molotow spray paint ?
Answer: (AP Reply) Its possible with any and some practice.
Question: would this cap work on flame spray paint??
Answer: (AP Reply) yes
Question: Is it common for these things to blow out? I put one on a $0.98 cent can of paint (apparently high pressure) and that MF'er blew out and scared the crap outta me (sounded like something had cracked and wizzed across the room...).

Or are these pretty much designed for lower pressure cans?
Answer: (AP Reply) .99 cent cans are not high pressure. A more appropriate term would be inconsistent pressure. Sometimes the dots will blow out. I have had it happen with most fat caps. Its completely normal. Caps are really cheap when bought in bulk. Just put another one on and keep painting.
Question: I hear that these caps waist alot of paint.. is it worth it? i want some beasty flares and a dope hollow. would the orange dot work good??. and do they boath work on walmart paint?.
Answer: (AP Reply) yes, yes, yes and yes
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Pink Dots
Pink Dots