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One4All 127HS Acrylic Marker Main Kit 1 Questions And Answers
Question: How strong is the case? Like if my cat knocks it off the table is it gonna break like my deli cups?
Answer: (AP Reply) Pretty strong! It's a durable thick plastic- it's somewhat flexible without being thin.
Question: This is probably a stupid question but...does the set come with that Molotow container that is shown in the picture?
Answer: (AP Reply) Yes.
Question: if i buy the 1 and 2 kits how many duplicate colors will i get? if i dont want doubles should i just order them all individually?
Answer: (AP Reply) Just blacks and whites.
Question: Ight AP im about to get main kit 1 and 2 and I need to know like say if im on a canvas can I just take the 2mm nib out nd put the 1mm in with out them drying out or if the 2mm nib is already juiced can I just run it under water clean it up and pop it back in when ever I need to again
Answer: (AP Reply) yes
Question: My husband is a retired architect. He has an Advanced Flowmaster pen that requires felt type removeable tips to change the stroke he is making. He has the ink both black and brown. We are looking for replacement tips for the
older pen.
Can you help us? The words Advanced Flowmaster is engaved on the barrell of the pen. It is metal with a nice feel for the hands for drawing.
We would appreciate any information and would be glad to purchase the tips if available.
thanking you for your help.

Elaine and Yung Gul Kim
Answer: (AP Reply) Hi there. I'm not really sure. Its possible that you could modify one of our nibs to fit it but I cannot guarantee that. We don't carry that and I suspect that its been out of production for years. Your best be would be to search on ebay for dead stock.
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One4All 127HS Acrylic Marker Main Kit 1
One4All 127HS Acrylic Marker Main Kit 1