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Montana Tech Acetone - Cap Cleaner - T5100 Questions And Answers
Question: can i buff my glass test tag surface with this spray acetone?
Answer: (AP Reply) Hi there- it would help loosen the paint, but it's not going to buff it entirely. Try using a paint scraper.
Question: So do you just take a clogged cap and put it on and then it unclogged the cap ? Or is it something you spray on then clean it yourself?
Answer: (AP Reply) You can run it through the cap, or apply it as a spray to use as traditional acetone.
Question: Can I remove paint that’s on a wall with this?
Answer: (AP Reply) This will assist in removing paint from some surfaces, but your results will vary based on the paint and the wall texture. We recommend using this product primarily as a cap cleaner.
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Montana Tech Acetone - Cap Cleaner - T5100
Montana Tech Acetone - Cap Cleaner - T5100