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Molotow Cocktail - Speedflow Questions And Answers
Question: Can you refill a ultra wide mini with speed flow or will it mess up the nib?
Answer: (AP Reply) Speedflow performs best in markers with a valve system- the ultra-wide mini would go better with an dye-based ink.
Question: Which stains harder? Speedflow or coversall? I always get speedflow but wanna try coversall.. Which stands up to the buff better, speedflow or coversall.. And ill be using it in markers.. Eggshell es30, masterpiece 667p, pilot jumbo, coldsweat.. Please anwser back soon
Answer: (AP Reply) Speedflow is similar to what is in the Burner Markers. Because they are both so heavily pigmented they both may leave residue behind. They aren/t marketed exactly for this reason though. We personally really like the Optimized Drip Stick Coversall Refill.
Question: AY ap, this or coversall?? Nd explain why.. Im gunna use one for pilot jumbo , egg shell es30 and the masterpeice 367pi... So which one??
Answer: (AP Reply) It/s a matter of preference on the finish of the black. Both will leave a stain. Transformer has the option of colors.
Question: Can i put this in my eggshell es-30
Answer: (AP Reply) Yes, this should work in an Eggshell marker.
Question: why is this one cheaper then the other? i thought they were both the same quality just different look.
Answer: (AP Reply) Yes. The materials cost are different, though.
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Molotow Cocktail - Speedflow
Molotow Cocktail - Speedflow