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Molotow Burner Chrome Questions And Answers
Question: I'm using this on brushed aluminum to create an even, clean looking base surface. I plan to paint on top of it with Duplicolor Metalcast. After 3 light coats and waiting 24 hours, chrome paint comes off when I run my finger along the surface. Chrome paint comes off on the painter's tape I'm using to mask off areas. Does this stuff just not stay put on metal? Should I wait longer for it to fully dry? How long? Any help would be great.
Answer: (AP Reply) Hi there- Burner Chrome does adhere to metal. It may be an issue with the products you're layering. Email us and we'll help troubleshoot
Question: Are the 600ml ever gonna make a comeback to the site?
Answer: (AP Reply) They're on order, never fear. :)
Question: When is the 150ML gonna come back in stock.
Answer: (AP Reply) Unfortunately, it's going to be a few months- it will likely arrive in our next shipment from Germany. Patience is key!
Question: what valve dose the molotow burner have?
Answer: (AP Reply) It has a female valve, so it will require a male cap.
Question: Can this cover in 100.F weather. Because that would suck if it just melted right off the wall.
Answer: (AP Reply) Yes.
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Molotow Burner Chrome
Molotow Burner Chrome