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Marsh T Grade Ink Quarts Questions And Answers
Why are the quarts $250 while the 120ml are $15 when a quart is only like 950ml? It’s cheaper to buy 10 small ones. It it because of shipping or are the quarts are hard to get/sell? Thanks one love
ArtPrimo: Quarts are deadstock collectibles, the smaller bottles are new stock.
Who I gotta simp for to get a quart of white OG Marsh? A can of this is my desktop wallpaper because I miss it so much.
ArtPrimo: We have quarts available for sale on the site currently. They are new, old stock- so the OG formula.
I cannot get this to flow reliably into the nib of my Marsh 99. I've tried thinning it with acetone and roughing up the nib. I also cleaned the market out with acetone before I used it. Any other ideas? Or is K Grade the only thing that works with the 99?
ArtPrimo: Here are the exact specs from the manufacturer;

This industrial valve-activated marker is designed for specific and demanding applications, and features a refillable ink chamber. In addition, interchangeable round or chisel tips are available.

• Valve activated tip prevents ink
dry out; eliminates wasted ink
• Easy refill barrel holds large
quantity of T-Pigment grade
• K inks may be used
• Chisel and round tips available
will this mix well with OTR flowpen ink?
ArtPrimo: Yes.
What's a good way to thin down the white marsh? I'm all about the marsh/garvey combo for the black and it conveniently thins it down, but how can i keep an opaque white in a marker? magic ink?
ArtPrimo: You can add acetone which will thin it down a bit. Be careful you don/t add too much or you/ll thin it down and make it transparent. ADD A MIXING BALL!
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Marsh T Grade Ink Quarts
Marsh T Grade Ink Quarts