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Marsh T-Grade OG Formula Refill Questions And Answers
Question: How similar is the white t-grade to the white magic ink? your site recommends the t-grade as a refill for the mgd, but the descriptions list the marsh as an ink, and the magic as a paint. will I need to mix something else into it to get the flow right?
Answer: (AP Reply) They are both technically pigmented inks but also commonly referred to as paint. Marsh T-grade is similar to the Magic Ink White and will work as a refill.
Question: are there any differences in the formula between these small bottles and the deadstock quarts? thanks.
Answer: (AP Reply) Nope, same formula!
Question: is it uv resistant?
Answer: (AP Reply) Yes, very.
Question: Is this the same as a rolmark express handle?
Answer: (AP Reply) Nope, this is the same as Marsh T-Grade with Xylene.
Question: For the white, what would be the best product to mix this white marsh with for tagging outdoors? Looking to keep the white color btw....
Answer: (AP Reply) If you want to keep your White brilliant, stick to a pure formula and experiment with different applicators. Otherwise, try mixing with other white inks.
  (PlanksB Says:) How about speed white or some white appliance paint?How about speed white or some white appliance paint?
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Marsh T-Grade OG Formula Refill
Marsh T-Grade OG Formula Refill