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The Jiffy Spray Paint Cap 10-P
The Jiffy Spray Paint Cap 10-Pack
10 Reviews 4.2 of 5 Stars! Average Rating
The Jiffy Spray Paint Cap 10-Pack

by wilb -Read all my Reviews 02/09/2024
One of my fav caps for chill spots with MTN 94, Acme, and rusto + uprok. Soft and fat spray, but also can go super skinny with no drip. When an orange dot is too fat and saucy, but the universal outline is too skinny - the jiffy is perfect. In a bag of 50 I've had QUITE A FEW duds with the skinny and dusty spray issue, but it's a unique cap that I'll keep picking up regardless of manufacturing probs.

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by AELIA -Read all my Reviews 06/14/2022
This is by far the most comfortable cap I've ever used. First set I ordered sprayed fairly well, as advertised. Second set was most likely from a different manufacturer batch, it sprayed very skinny, like a rusto stock cap. Very easy to fix, use a razor and hot needle to remove the nozzles from this cap and an orange dot and swap them - you gotta hammer it in a bit so it sprays properly, but with that setup, cap sprays very fat and flares beautifully. I recommend keeping a few as-is to use as skinny caps, slot on the stem is on the right instead of back so you have to press on the left to get the traditional "back press" skinny lines, but with a bit of finesse the ones I kept stock from this second set can make lines about half a pinky wide.

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by a.a.ron -Read all my Reviews 06/21/2021
So, the first pack of these caps I ordered a little over a year ago and they worked great. I would go as far as saying they were my favorite cap. Beautiful thick, hollow lines that were great for doing flare tags and doing outlines. However, I recently ordered a few more packs and I'm very unimpressed with them. They're not very fat, and spray more like a Montana standard cap, some are even close to spraying like a needle cap. They're from a different production run from what I can tell because the plastic colors are different. I tested the same can with one left over from my first order and it sprayed as expected so I'm sure it's an inconsistency between the older and newer ones

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by Novel_89 -Read all my Reviews 04/18/2021
I once forgot all my caps at home and had to spent a whole day with just ONE of these caps that was in the bottom of my bag. Thirteen cans of rusto didn't clog this cap. I was able to really get to know this cap and how well it prefeorms with different colors. Just as GR mentioned, it comes out much fatter on a lighter color and lesser so on a heavily pigmented on. But what GR didn't cover in the video is how there preform on an adapter. I got these things to go slightly smaller than a #2 pencil that I had on me with a full can. These are just as controllable on an adapter than on a fancy can. If you paint with Rusto you need these.(They're also ultra comfortable)

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by NoNoNe ThE GoD -Read all my Reviews 08/16/2019
very comfortable feel for me it was more of a novelty to have as appose to an everyday cap i go to like ny fat that is my go for almost everything lol but these are very versatile and have a very nostalgic feeling i do enjoy these caps but its not in my everyday arsenal but they are smooth and buttery and definitely if not the most comfortable cap one of the most comfortable caps on the market and due to its versatility good for adding little designs and doo-dads to your pieces and burners

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by BillDog -Read all my Reviews 03/14/2018
These caps are real buttery for flares on the Flame paints, high pressure and low. It almost makes the high pressure cans feel like low pressure. If you notice the cap sprays a sec after you lift your finger off the cap, you just have it on too tight.(on Flame cans) The low profile and wide top make this super comfortable in your hand.

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