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Black Dots Questions And Answers
Question: Will these caps fit on rustoleum cans?
Answer: (AP Reply) no
Question: yo ap im thinking about getting one of thes caps for some osh paint or scrap paint would it give me crisp lines or do u recomend me another cap with medium lines for harware paint
Answer: (AP Reply) IDK homie we dont have that paint here. DO what I did when I was your age. Experiment.
Question: i have some mtn harcore with a high pressure valve. i want to know that if i equip them with black dot caps does that mean that i will have a lower preesure valve? if not, any recommendations or advice? thank you in advance.
Answer: (AP Reply) The valve isnt High Pressure. But black dots work alright on MTN's I really just prefer the Skinny Banana Negros on them
Question: Hello Guys/Gals,

Hey I bought a set of these black dot spray tips cause i thought they would work with krylon cans and i can't get them on..

They are both male. how do i get them on the cans? you site says they fit. am i doing something wrong or am i supposed to do something else?


Answer: (AP Reply) these will only work on female cans
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Black Dots
Black Dots