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Spray it and say it

I remember the first time I hear about Artprimo. I was painting under a bridge and I saw this art primo sticker done up as a home made slap. Underneath it said graff supplies so I was quite intrigued. I googled for it and was amazed. How did I not know about this? So I called the site and was introduced to a really cool chick who hooked me up with a free sakura in my order because I spent over $100.00 with them. They also told me if I spent and extra 50 dollars I would get free shipping. A pretty good deal considering the spray paint cans are cheaper online.

What did I get? Well a Krink K60 Mop, some Smash Ink, Burner Marker and a Molotow Bombers pack with Coversall and Burner Chrome cans. It was really dope to try all these new graff supplies because I was so used to only using Pilot Markers and other old school inks like Garvey and Marsh T Grade. Also I stepped up my graff caps selection and got a pack of Pink dots, Orange Dots for fat fills and some gray dots and Micro Caps for detail. I still like to use Painters Touch so I copped some Sekt Cap adapters as well. These allow me to attach my favorite old school caps onto the rusto cans. My favorite is the New York Outline and the New York Fat Cap, which my older brother still calls Phantoms and Soft Ball caps. LOL! He’s old but still crushes on the streets.

Not only do I like the tall cans for bombing, but I also have an emo artsy side that likes stencils. So the the girls at AP really hooked it up with the Knowledge on what paints and caps for stenciling. I was used to old paints like the Krylon Five ball and Rusto. But they were too sticky and took forever to dry. I have also tried the MTN Hardcore cans as well. They have a great color spectrum but were also rather sticky. I learned that this is a normal aspect of these enamel paints and that if I want quick and clean dry times that I should use lacquer paint like the Molotow Premium cans. These come in 251 different colors and dry far faster than the Montana products. This makes for a quick change when doing multi layer stencils. Also I picked up an AP Stencil kit. This has a Xacto knife, the Stencil board and some slaps to paste into my black book.

Yeah I still blackbook! What of it?!? It’s a great way to develop styles, try out color combos and have a point of reference for my graffiti pieces. I like to use the Molotow Oneforall markers in my book. They use this amazing acrylic paint called ‘High Solid’ that just flows smoothly out of the pens. Back in the day I used to only use Deco Color markers but while they are cheap they are far less reliable than the Molotow markers. I still use them though. I especially like the Crimson Lake and the Light Green Deco. They are a great paint pen on their own but when you try out the Molotow marker you just can go back. They may cost a bit more at the beginning, but there are refills available once you look at the long term cost they are cheaper than the deco pens. Paint pens are best used for outlining my pieces, doing effects and other doo dads on the side. For blending and filling I prefer to use the alcohol based graphic markers, like Prisma colors etc. But AP has been carrying these new ones called Comix Markers. They are very saturated with ink and come in a great color combo. I also like the Molotow Basic markers as well. So yeah sketchbooks are dope, but I really like piecing

Piecing is where its at for me. I like doing panels on Freight trains, hitting the free wall or whatever. I usually mix it up when I'm painting. I like to use Rusto Painters Touch for my background bubbles and fills. then I outline with Belton Molotow cans for a clean finish. my freights last a long time with this combo. I used to use Ironlak for my cheapie but I got tired of all the valve problems. That and it just faded way too quickly. All those Chinese paints do that. So Im back with Rustoleum for that and the Molotow. The Belton Premium in particular is fantastic for freights because it is extremely resistant to fading. that because of the Automotive pigments they use to keep the fresh paint look.

Well I guess thats about it. Keep crushin' with those canz!

    Spray it and say it    
Molotow Burner Chrome

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Molotow Burner Chrome
Molotow Burner Chrome is the highest quality metallic paint on the market offering incredible shine and inimitable coverage on any surface. Burner cans feature Molotow's unique Flowmaster Valve system which means better painting year round. We have tried these on wet metal in the ... More

Molotow Burner Chrome