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Put a sock in it!
Put a Sock in It!

Yo son! This is Capt'n Krunch Champ bossy Status Oner here to drop the next trick on youz tricks.. Check this out god! I got the squirrel nuts quick dab mop-pon action for you street Banditios. Cuz we all know you don't have time to run home an grab a grip of mops from your moms shoe box..

So...lets say your strolling on the the late shift with a tall boy and a bleezy but you aint go nothing to put your fresh tin of smash ink into. Whata' ninja gonna do!! Well.. you could hit up your lady piece for one of dem tampons. But we all know that ho hates on Graff and wont give it up.. so a bandit gotta get creative..

Heres what to do...

1. Find the first fool who passes out and take his sock off. Then stuff it in his mouth. Then put some tape over it. Then tie his hands….Oh..snap! wrong tutorial.. ok so grab some schizoids or that OX blade in your mouth. Take your nasty a$$ sock and that bottle of Smash Ink.

2. Now open that bottle and take whiff..mmmm.. smells like Xylene! Clean off any excess first...

3. Ok now your cookin' Now cut that greasy a$$ sock at the tip and roll it up son.. there you go!

4. Now take that rubber band from your pony tail(they're back believe it!). Don't trip! Your girl will re-tie it tomorrow. Now wrap that around that piece to keep the form.

5. Now stuff that pon in that piece! Dent that tin a bit and slosh that nib and now your ready to rock!

6. Now it's time to go to town! Call up the homies..Walk down Pike to the Cha Cha. And be absolutely sure to hit up on their windows. They really dig them mop tags there.

And BOb's your MF'IN uncle son!!