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How To Fill a Drip Mop with Smash Ink
How to Fill a Drip Mop Mini
How to Fill a Drip Mop Mini with Smash Ink. This lesson will help you understand how to fill an Art Primo Drip Mop Mini with Smash Ink. This is the perfect combo for a mop. The Drip Mop Mini is a soft flexible plastic that is easy to squeeze. While Smash Ink is thick, durable and long-lasting. We highly recommend this match up.

1. Get your supplies together. Always fill markers in a well vented area. Always fill markers in a place where you don't mind a few spills. Filling markers is messy, so don't do it in your living room. Your mommy won't be happy when you spill ink on her carpet.
Things you need:

  • Smash Ink
  • AP Drip Mop Mini
  • Ink dump bottle
  • knife

2. Unscrew the Marker. Take the lid off the marker. Then, using your knife or a sharp edge, carefully remove the nib. After you loosen the nib with a knife, you can use your finger to remove it.

3. Pour the Ink into the Marker. Remove the lid from the Smash Ink bottle. Using one hand to hold the ink bottle, and one hand to hold the marker, carefully pour the ink into the marker. Keep an eye on the ink level inside the marker. Make sure not to overfill it. You have to leave enough air to mix the ink when you shake the marker.

4. Pour Out any Excess Ink. If you fill the marker to the brim, you have overfilled the marker. Pour out a little bittle of ink into your dump bottle.

5. Put the Nib Back into the Marker. Carefully put the nib back into the marker.

6. Put the Lid back on the Marker. Screw the lid back on. Make sure to screw it on tightly. You don't want a mess in your pants.

7. Start the Nib. On a flat surface, press down on the nib to get it saturated with ink.

8. Get to Work. Enjoy you newly filled marker.