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Belton Molotow Premium at a glance

Since 1996 MOLOTOWâ„¢ has been developing innovative technologies that are optimizing paint application tools to the max.

To this day MOLOTOW™ PREMIUM is worldwide the first and only genuine artist spray can on the market – engineered with artists for artists. Paint and handling have been especially customized to their requirements. With that MOLOTOW™ PREMIUM revolutionized the aerosol technology and is to this day one of the most reliable spray cans on the market.


Highest opacity, luminance, lasting permanency and worldwide unrivaled reliability are the main features that make MOLOTOW™ PREMIUM so unique. It was a necessity to adhere to this quality standard during the development of the new range without any compromise. The new shades as well as selected existing shades had been analyzed during several test stages and finally been optimized to the max. Hereby the research department of the Kwasny Group (manufacturer of MOLOTOW™ PREMIUM) can benefit from over 50 years of know-how in paint-production. Together with practical knowledge of graffiti-artists from all over the world this paint competence “made in Germany” makes MOLOTOW™ PREMIUM the one and only reference spray-paint for graffiti and street-art.


MOLOTOW™ PREMIUM – Now with an advanced formula guaranteeing the same reliable quality as ever.

In addition we increased the pigmentation of some color shades to improve the opacity and therefore added a fifth, bigger mixing ball to achieve better and faster mixing properties. Find the colors, with the increased pigment density and the fifth "Big Ball"*, here.

ATTENTION – very high pigment density: these color shades must be shaken really well in order to reach full opacity!


A strong partner at MOLOTOW™’s side is the Kwasny Group (Auto K) – one of Europe’s leading manufacturer for color sprays since 1956, whose lacquer production is considered one of the most innovative worldwide. The Kwasny Group is certified with ISO 9001, the highest German quality standard, and produces REACH conform.

Together with the Kwasny research department MOLOTOWâ„¢ developed innovations that revolutionized the aerosol technology:

  • no-dustâ„¢
  • anti-dripâ„¢
  • all-seasonâ„¢
  • covers-allâ„¢
  • Flowmasterâ„¢ valve system
  • DoubleFunctionCap
  • MOLOTOWâ„¢ PREMIUM represents the royal league on the aerosol market! Countless internationally renowned writers worldwide, trust in the reliability and quality of this precision-tool. As a result of the 4 times ground high-quality pigments the visible quality features of this spray paint include high-coverage, unrivaled color-brilliance and highest UV-resistance.

    Beyond that it is extremely important for MOLOTOW™ that their products pose nearly no health hazards to the user. That’s why PREMIUM is being produced according to ISO 9001 certification and in a REACH compliant manner, according to the latest environmental standards. With the exclusive use of high-quality additives and solvents such as the unique nitro-alkyd compound. That’s quality you see, feel and smell – made in Germany!


    Naturally people only believe what they see. Therefore, we decided to made a quality-test at the MOLOTOWâ„¢ tech-laboratories in order to show the large quality differences between spray-paints, especially the reactions of some solvents used in these particular cans.

    We tested seven conventional brands and MOLOTOW™ PREMIUM on a 5mm thick sheet of compressed Depron® styrofoam to see how the paints reacts with the substrate. Some of these spray-paints stood out with their acidic smell, which was anything but healthy - being exposed to their odor for some time, our testers got headaches and started feeling sick.

    Cheap solvents can cause severe and irreparable damages to the lung tissue.

    Other spray paints impressed us with their ability to react with the substrate instantly. They practically ate through the styrofoam within seconds and liquified it into a gum-like matter. Just imagine what these spray paints are doing to your lungs while you’re working with them!

    We also noticed extreme drip and spray-dust development, which made it impossible to spray a clean fine line.

    Drips and spray-dust - not with MOLOTOWâ„¢ PREMIUM

    Only MOLOTOW™ PREMIUM stood solid as a rock – clean lines, no dust, no drips, no acidic smell and nearly no reaction with the Depron® styrofoam surface.


    MOLOTOW™ PREMIUM isn’t the cheapest brand, but MOLOTOW™ cares and PREMIUM is, by far, the safest and when it comes to quality and reliability, the best spray paint money can buy. This test was done to show how aggressive spray paint in aerosols can be, even the one in MOLOTOW™ PREMIUM. But we consider important to provide this information and show the different levels of aggressivity.

    Protect yourself! Use protective masks! Use MOLOTOW™ PREMIUM – the artist’s no. 1 choice since 2000.

        Belton Molotow Premium at a glance