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Streak Splitting with the AP Solid

Basic Streaker Splitting
We still get a lot of questions about how to split streakers (solid paint markers). Since we have our own now, I figured it was time we made an update. Just like cat skinning, there are many ways to split a streak. You can do the classic two-tone split. Or if you're a real fancy pants, you can split it four ways. But that will come with time and practice. For now we will highlight a simple process that anyone can do. That said, making split streaks is a customization. So try it at your own risk. And don't come crying to GR when you mess up a few at the beginning. That's called learning.

(1)Get two streaks of contrasting colors, and a razor. Carefully turn the knurled knob at the bottom of the marker to start extracting the paint stick. Take note of grooves, they correspond to alignment rails inside of the barrel. Remember to line this up when reassembling. If not, you will have a bad time.

(2)When the marker comes out, the clear plastic base may come out attached to the paint stick. If so, no biggie. Remove the clear plastic base from the paint stick and screw back into the barrel. Now that the markers out, it's time to split! I know you will be tempted to use the alignment groove as your cut line, don't. Do it between them so you don't risk messing up the alignment. Slowly score a line until you have a good 3-4mm groove. Take your time... Don't just go stabbing at it in one cut. That might crack it, so take it slow for an even slice, homeslice!

(3)Now line up your two halves, you will see that the inside has the threading for the screw mechanism in the barrel. Try to line up the sides that fit best and stick them together. Make sure the clear plastic base is at the top of the inner barrel. Back it in about 2-3 turns till the alignment rails are exposed (about 6-7mm). Carefully push the split into the barrel until it mates with the base. Then start slowly backing it in while lightly pushing the split in. If you did everything right, the marker will seat and you can start tagging in two tone! Now go reward yourself with a quick wank before mom gets home. You did it ya' rascal!


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    Streak Splitting with the AP Solid    
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