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All the reviews by phesto - A Top 500 Reviewer!
Uni Paint Broad PX30 Marker by phesto - A Top 500 Reviewer! 05/14/2012
Uni Paint Broad PX30 Marker k look. grab a white uni, some smash ( any of the colors that dont come in uni, like teal pink grape etc.. ) and fill these up with it. they're refillable. beautiful. and practical. my favorite marker. the only thing that disappointed me, is the amount they come filled up with. but thats not a problem, they last you a hella long time before the need to refill comes. take my recommendation, and stick with the silver. its the brightest silver ive ever seen. beautiful. the gold, disappointed me. im not sure if it was the marker i had, but it just wasnt close to being as bright as i thought it would be. regardless, ive had the silver before, and its the best marker ive ever used. hey art primo, if possible, can you tell me a way where i can flip the nib of the uni over without having the nib come off the body once im not using it? or that it wont overflow during a tag? thanks.

for everyone else, grab yourself a silver uni, a black flowpen, and a yellow sakura, and your set for anything. PEACE!

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars! [5 of 5 Stars!]

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Molotow 311EM Marker by smartass818 - A Top 500 Reviewer! 04/06/2012
Molotow 311EM Marker well.... from what i see, this is just molotow taking advantage of the obvious lack of an ESSENTIAL marker, which is the uni-paint/krink k71 style chisel tip nib'ed marker, and making it even better by having it empty. im not sure if this also has the same problem i experienced with empty otr's and their lack of not-leaking, or not opening the cap without spilling ink, but if this has a much easier cap then im gonna pour in some of that smash teal and bubblegum ive been holding out on. but if you wanna hear it from the guy who's not bringing in 70,000$ a year, ( meaning im fu*king broke ) then do yourself a favor, pick up 2 _--- remember kids 2 _---- uni-paint PX-30's, whichever color you like best, my personal favorites include the red silver and gold, get 2 of the same color unipaints, open both of them ( screw the top where the cap meets the marker ) empty one of the unipaint's ink into the other marker, and tada! you now have a uni-paint with double the original ink ( which doesnt come with very much to begin with ) and an empty uni-paint to fill with whatever color you desire. hope this helps out any up-and-coming writers/toys out there with their parents credit card ready to use.
PS: art primo, my bad if you think im discouraging people from buying your product, just giving out my opinion. peace out, and get up!

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars! [5 of 5 Stars!]

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