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All the reviews by chefBTC - A Top 1000 Reviewer!
Smash KO Marker by chefBTC - A Top 1000 Reviewer! 12/26/2015
Smash KO Marker Ordered one of each of the available colours, then smashed up the town until they were all empty.. And here's my thoughts:

BLACK: Good opaque black, drippy, I had a problem with this one, after a few tags the ink seemed to not flow through the nib.. I'd pump it til it was dripping and it would barely finish a 4 letter tag, the black is the only marker I still actually have some ink in for this reason.. I've since changed the nib over from the red marker that I had emptied.. I get streaky tags but atleast I can finish them.

BLUE: First off I love this colour, comes out hella opaque never streaky, pops real nice.. The downside to the blue is that it seems to have zero staining abilities.. I used it on a white laminated timber table in my house, it's the only colour which can be scratched off the surface.

GREEN: This colours quite nice and pretty opaque.. I've used it over black and it's still shown up nicely.. Maybe not as good as over white but still quite visible.. I've noticed going back through some areas I've used the green in it seems to be slightly faded.. Only slightly.. After about 3 months.. But all in all a solid colour

RED: f*ck me talk about blood this sh*t looks like your tagging with the Devils marker.. The Reds quite opaque, drippy not very streaky and my shoes still look like I've stomped someone 6 months after getting some drips onto them.. Very good marker

PURPLE: Gotta save the best til last.. If you can only buy one of these markers buy the purple.. Opacity isn't incredible but staining/bleeding is off the charts.. Colour is amazing on white/light surfaces and not very streaky, great drips, better stain and did I say better stain?

So in review I think my favourite colours are the red and the purple.. I'm disappointed about the black as I love the boldness of black ink and hope I have a better experience with the black next time around.
Buy the purple it's dope!
I would defiantly get any/all colours again as even if some may be easier to buff then others they are still nicer colours and who cares if you got 500 tags up in an area and a few are buffed right?

Rating: 4 of 5 Stars! [4 of 5 Stars!]

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Art Primo Silver Fat by CHEF BTC - A Top 1000 Reviewer! 11/07/2014
Art Primo Silver Fat So got my order of these yesterday, went out for a bomb over night and I gave this cap (plus a few others) a decent test run, I burned through 3 cans, woulda gone through more if I had em.. But I just couldn't stop. The flares are HUGE! An that's not an exaggeration, I'd say it felt bigger then an astro, didn't have one to compare but I found the control to be better then astro.
Only problem is I'm now hooked on the silver fat and ima burn through cans like it's news years eve

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars! [5 of 5 Stars!]

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Molotow High Solid 627 Marker by chef btc - A Top 1000 Reviewer! 11/03/2014
Molotow High Solid 627 Marker Got a few tags up with one of my mates purple, dope colour, absolutely no streaks, smooth writing, opaque as hell. Gets buffed easy yes.. It's paint so that's expected.. What I am concerned about is the fade, some of those tags have been up nearly a year, they are now white not purple, but all round nice marker, good for getting up if your not worried about buff, but I'd recommend more for art/canvas use then street bombing (APREPLY)Although these are Paint, they are an Acrylic Water-based paint which is as you described; Best for Art and Canvases. Keep in mind not all Paint is created equally or for the same purposes.

Rating: 4 of 5 Stars! [4 of 5 Stars!]

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